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“I can sing well” alone doesn’t cut it. The stage doesn’t shine without the extra factor.

Although such a trend is already a thing of the past, there was a period of time where it seemed like anybody who could sing karaoke decently well could be a professional singer. A lot of people were pushed forward like that to be singers, and then most of them disappeared. You know what, there are a ton of good singers in the world. But there’s hardly anybody who’d come to see the stage [=concert] of a mere good singer.
People come to see the stage to see, not whether [the performer] can sing well or not, but another factor that the performer radiates. They come to the stage to receive something from the stage, something from the artist. That’s why people go through the trouble of coming from far away, even from overseas. But back then, there were many who became singers but didn’t realize this fact, so a ton of people became singers, and a ton of them disappeared one after another…
This is the difference between “someone who’s just good at singing” and “a professional singer”.
What I want to say is that this is akin to saying “good-looking doesn’t mean popular”. If good-looking people are automatically popular, then it will be automatically decided who’ll be the winners or losers in life from the beginning, just like in the seniority system. But people who are popular only because of their good looks are also easily forgotten. If you enter a room and people said “That guy’s good-looking, isn’t he?” about you, then you can only go downward from there. I feel sorry for that guy. It’s nothing but tragic.
I want you to take a look at our dancer, Kazuya. He’s in the bottom picture. When people glance at him for the first time, they think “What’s wrong with him?” So, from here, [Kazuya] can only go upward. And he rises powerfully from the very bottom. And then he always gets a beautiful girl in the end and leaves with her. This is truly amazing.
This means that good looks are not the deciding factor for girls and guys to fall in love with each other in the end, and it also means that whether someone can sing well or not is not the factor that attracts people. When you focus on the appearances and exterior, the relationships born out of that can only be skin deep.

My Note: In the actual book, there is a small thumbnail of Kazuya’s face below the main picture of the building, which GACKT refers to in the text. GACKT’s so mean though… he posted a picture of Kazuya making a wierd face XDD
 C’mon G, Kazuya isn’t that wierd-looking.. *has to defend her favorite dancer lol*

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. You see? Kazuya is also my favorite dancer. He stood out to me because he seemed to be the youngest dancer that works with GACKT. I thought “What is this kid doing”? But then I seen him grow. He danced amazingly during in Requiem et Reminiscence II for both the GHOST and Papa lapped a pap lopped performances. He is truly very talented. He does have an unique face, but I’ll always remember him for different reasons.

  2. GACKT is mean to assosiate Kazuya with being ugly! poor Kazuya! i agree with Alex he is an amazing dancer though ❤

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