Posted by: Jo | February 11, 2011


This isn’t bad news per say, but it’s probably troublesome for most of us =\
All of GACKT’s live DVDs up to now have been labeled as playable only on Region 2 DVD players, but in actuality they were region-free. However, the newest YFC DVDs will only play on Region 2 DVD players.

So unless you live in a Region 2 zone, you won’t be able to watch the swimsuit live D:
There are ways around this though: you could invest in a region-free DVD player, or check to see if your own DVD has the option of changing the region code. I know that most new computers allow you to change the region options, but only for a set number of times.
For more on region codes, you can read up about it here


  1. GACKTO…… now i need a new dvd player!!!! 🙂 that is ok, they don’t cost that much ^_^

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