Posted by: Jo | February 14, 2011


Oh GACKT, you and your metaphors…. XD

I don’t like origami.
People who fold origami would hand [the folded origami] to you, saying “Here you go”, you know?
I don’t want that.

Origami has a significance in its creative process and to the person making it, and there’s actually not that much meaning to the finished origami. I’m not interested in them, either.
Origami is meaningful, interesting, fun, and challenging during the process of making it, and if I’m just handed a folded origami, all I could say is “So, what do you want me to do with it!?” It’s like, you’ve surely enjoyed folding it, but what do you want me to do with it from here?
The same can be said about the fundamentals of the creative process. When we create a stage, I persistently tell everybody, over and over, “Never masturbate on the stage”. Masturbating on stage is an act that causes [the excitement] to conclude, or fade away, only within the performers on stage; an act that involves no effort of delivering the excitement to the audience; an act that tells the audience to just keep watching if they want to and just feel whatever they may or may not from it. What do we need to do on stage? We are, first and foremost, in the position to entertain our audience. In other words, we’re not the ones to enjoy [the performance]. We are the professionals to entertain.
If someone handed me a piece of unfolded origami and said “You fold it like this and this, and then you’ll get this in the end. Now, you try!”, then I’ll do my very best folding it. But if I’m given origami that already has been folded, what am I supposed to do with it? Origami is for the person who folds it. If folded origami is used as a material to surprise other people just for a second, then that’s fine. But if you toss finished origami in my hand, you’ll get “So what?” from me. That’s the basic idea of the creative process; it’s the same as the fundamental concept of entertainment.
It means that nothing comes out of giving someone the remnant of your masturbation. What is anybody supposed to do with a tissue you used for masturbation? What girl would be happy when handed a tissue you used for masturbating, right? 

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. LMAO does he actually need to tell his band members that??
    Hey, if Gackt gave me origami he’d already folded I would love it anyway lol.

  2. LMAO I really wouldn’t be surprised if he told his band members that. XD I totally understand what he’s talking about, though. As a writer, I’ve figured out that it’s all about the creative process. I love the actual writing of a piece more than the finished product. It’s the journey that’s the most important, not the destination. Very sage advice, G. I’d take your origami, but please . . . keep the tissue. XD

  3. ….GACKT has some strange ways of demonstration his point… 😛 but i do agree with what the overall message is, it is better to try and do something for yourself, rather than have it done for you, that is after all the best way to learn. ❤

  4. *demonstrating

  5. Okay just to be a smart-ass I’d hand him a folded origami.
    G:”so what?”
    Then I’d just simply smirk at him. *grins*
    Other then that, yah I can understand what he’s talking about.
    *points up* Agrees with the ladies.

  6. Ok, eww lol.

  7. Although I agree with the point he is trying to make, there has to be someone on the receiving end, right? And even the person who creates will be on the receiving end of something in some manner. No person on earth just creates and nothing else. But, yes, creating can be difficult, challenging, but a rewarding process.

  8. I seem to remember quite well what you did in Fragrance, Gackt. Lol

    • Kayla: LOL Agreed XDD

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