Posted by: Jo | February 18, 2011

Discussions: Least Favorite Song..?

Personally this question kind of seems impossible lol but everyone has one… I think anway. Or a song that they listen to the least:

What is your least favorite (or least listened to) GACKT song?

Soul of Fire (To Feel The Fire). I am sorry but that song… I can’t even listen to it without cracking up (don’t hurt me GACKT XD;;;!). Just..
I know that GACKT’s English wasn’t as great back then as it is now, but I couldn’t help myself! Plus, the 80’s sound makes it that much more… more. XD

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Lol at your answer, Jo. I actually thought that song was pretty cute. 😛 But I’d say my least favorite song is Another World. I dunno why, I just don’t like how that song sounds. It’s too different for him or something… o.O

  2. Soul of Fire…. Faiyaaaaaa My fellow GACKT otaku Sarah and I cried from laughing soooo hard. That song is, lets just say hard to listen to. Another song I wasn’t very thrilled of was December Song in English. His Japanese lyrics are so beautiful but English version is a little “Lost in translation” It just doesn’t sound right. Sarah and I have a little beef with Flower, too. Where it should be “You are the irreplaceable flower” it really sounds like he is saying You are the replaceable flower…hmmm… Don’t get us wrong we love the song. Sorry GACKT and Dears 🙂

    • Rhia: Have you heard the 2006 version of the English December Love Song? It flows much better :D~
      Aww I love Flower xD;

  3. I thought it was Feel The Fire? XD

    Yeah I can’t listen to it either cuz I keep laughing so hard. GOMEN NASAI GACKT-SAN!

    • mjspice: I think it’s Soul of Fire but it’s recognized more as To Feel The Fire because everyone recognizes that lyric XD;

    • Hi. Long time lurker, first time posting. It’s To Feel the Fire. It’s probably one of my least favorite Stevie Wonder songs in the first place so I wasn’t too thrilled with a cover. He should try Creepin or They Won’t Go When I Go. Other than that I’m not a fan of Another World or Flower.

      • Billie: Welcome!
        Omg it’s a Stevie Wonder cover?! LOL I am afraid to know what the original sounds like, Gackt’s cover might just be pushed into Pandora’s Box for the rest of my life XDDD

  4. Feel the Fire or whatever it’s called. I don’t understand a thing he’s singing there. O.o

    • DPR: I think it becomes even more hilarious when you read the lyrics along with the song XDDD

  5. Victoria: Aww, I love Another World lol ^_^

    I don’t really like Dybukk. It’s one of the ones I don’t listen to a lot. I don’t like the ‘metal’ sound it has. I didn’t used to like Mirror, but it actually grew on me a bit.

    I’m gonna have to go and listen to this Soul of Fire to see what the crack is about lol.

  6. “Jesus”. It’s so full of self-pity and whining, and I don’t think it’s very nice to listen to without regards to the lyrics either. I know it’s most probably from Ryûichi’s perspective, but as I can’t stand him, it’s no wonder. All through his “diary”, I just wanted to slap and shake him. What a whiner. The only time I liked the song was in the slightly changed version at the beginning of the RR2 Visual Live DVD.

  7. There are quite a few songs from Gackt that I’m not the biggest fan of – 2004’s December Love and its Chinese version (both were awkwardly phrased), Another World (the verses were nice, but not the chorus), a couple from Love Letter since he sounded… well… bored (loved acoustic Dears, though). My biggest peeves are Solitary and both versions of Hoshi no Suna. Just… DNW. I’m sad because lyrically, they’re pretty, but musically, they don’t interest me.
    Sorry about the essay!

  8. I went away and listened to Soul of Fire on YouTube. Oh dear… lol! I love G, but unless you guys had pointed out it was in English, I don’t think I would have clicked on *hides* How long ago did he sing this? It sounded quite old. His English is much better now. Fyaaaa! XD

  9. I’m actually fine with all of G’s songs – those that he wrote/composed himself in Japanese I mean haha…

    But all the G versions of english songs (be it old or new) ermm… I somehow just cannot quite reconcile myself to them haha.

    I recently watched the 2009 Nico Nico X’mas program (the one G shared the room with all men and talked about various ahem relationship topics haha)…
    And G happened to start off his songs with a cover of Silent Night in English (i think it was Silent Night haha).

    Now I love G’s voice and since he had no accompaniment when singing Silent Night, his voice really stood out in the studio.

    But his english err well although I could understand it for the most part but I just couldn’t stick through the song somehow and fast-forwarded to the part where G started singing in Japanese again.

    Sorry G! *runs away to hide*

    • Oh I forgot about that Silent Night. Yup yup his rendition of it had Kobushi like Enka. I did roll my eyes at it, here he goes again… Ahaha

  10. i don’t think there are any songs which i don’t like by GACKT although, 4th has always been quite scary!

    This is a bit of a random comment, i have just remembered after watching J-melo today that G is quite popular all over the world, being within the top 10 requested artist three years in a row! J-melo is a show which is no ‘nhk world’ and is broadcast all over the world, with hundreds of countries in which people can email their requests to. it is a big achievement forG to maintain such popularity here!!!

    GACKT was 9th in the second awards –>

    and in the third awards 7th
    today i watched the 4th awards in which GACKT came 10th

    i hope that is kindof helpful, i know it is nothing to do with the current topic 😛

  11. I’m not fond of all his slow pieces and songs, for the exception of Love Letter (Diabolos live version is great) and a tad bit Tsuki no Uta. Also, I’m not overly crazy the unplugged version of his songs.

  12. Sorry for being so negative in my post above, but my music preference (since my teens)has always been hard rocking songs, so it’s not easy to wean myself from that type of music. So the fact that I’m thoroughly crazy about Love Letter is saying a lot!! And the rest of the songs I do enjoy by him takes me to a different level of existence. Ha ha.

  13. For the most part, I love Gackt’s songs and voice. However, I absolutely HATE Sayonara! It is the most unmelodious song I have ever heard. I guess technically this is not one of his songs, but I also hate the English version of “Silent Night” he did with Ayumi Hamasaki. Watching the video is kind of fun though. They look like they hate each other. lol. And I LOVE “To Feel The Fire”. I think Gackt sounds adorable.

  14. I just can’t get into Solitary at all.

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