Posted by: Jo | February 21, 2011


When I create a song, I put a lot of thoughts into it,
but once it leaves my hands, it starts walking on its own.
After that, it’s the listeners who will let it grow.

I put a lot of meanings in the wide variety of songs I make, and I want many people to listen to them.
But to be honest, I don’t think like “This is what it means”, “This song needs to be listened to this way”, “The listener needs to feel this”, etc. The reason is because I think that my songs, from the moment they leave my hands, start existing for the people who listen to them.
The listeners should listen to them at their own paces. The listeners are different in their maturity levels, ages, and experiences, so the way they feel and interpret [songs] are different for each of them. The type and depth of inspiration felt are different for each listener, and since my songs aren’t simple, the parts of my songs that are most moving vary greatly among the listeners, as well. That’s all the more reason why I think people should enjoy [my songs] however they like.
The musicians in old times tended to cram as much ego as they could in their music. My music is different. My stance in creating music is “This is what I think, but what do you think?” There should be as many interpretations as the number of listeners. [My songs] have hidden meanings, too, so I want the listeners to listen [to them] many times and feel a lot [of emotions] from them.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. I love this man. ❤ It's so refreshing to hear with some sincerity that he's writing music not only for himself but for US, too. Any time I hear American musicians talk about their fans, it's so quickly and in passing, but G's so dedicated.

    I feel like we all wax lyrical about him all the time. Does he read this sometimes, I wonder? Wouldn't that be great/embarrassing? XD

  2. Yeah I agree G’s really dedicated to his fans 🙂
    I think another thing that really moves me is his dedication to the Japanese language in his songs (the minimal use of English)…
    It just makes his songs a lot more pure and whole-hearted somehow (even though it means I’ve to look through dictionaries and translations and all to understand hahaha)

  3. I agree, his lyrics are pure poetry and he manages to translate complex emotions into his songs ♥

  4. He’s so sincere and amazing. Whenever I hear his music, I close my eyes and just let his words take me where they want me to be at that moment of time. It’s great to hear a musician care so much about how fans feel about their music instead of telling us what we should feel

  5. I wonder is this the reason why I’m so into every song of his… Now I know where does this weird phenomenon comes from…

    I have the tendency of not liking some of his songs in the past, but as I grow and gain more experience in life, somehow or what, I will suddenly fall in love with certain songs, those that I’m not so into in the past…

    Sometimes, I don’t even know the meaning of the lyrics, but the music as well as his voice just take me to somewhere where I found some peace… and I love them, regardless of what those lyrics means, they certainly hold some unique meaning to me…

    Does anyone here share the same experience with me???

    • Yikiwa: I certainly do 😀
      Well actually… I fell in love with just about all of his songs the first time around lol but depending on my mood or at different points in my life, some songs begin to mean something more than what they were previously or a song I didn’t listen to as often would suddenly become my favorite.

      Especially on an artistic level, whenever I listen to Gackt I get transported into this world where I can see a story, an image, different colors, etc. and in turn it inspires me to draw or paint what I see/hear. And I’m constantly seeing different images in my head, so Gackt’s music is especially dear to me in that way~

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