Posted by: Jo | February 21, 2011

GACKT – Home Party Reveal

So the surprise host of the Home’s Party has been revealed and what do you know – it was GACKT (NO.WAY.)!

Home’s Party Official Site



  1. It’s so nice seeing his face without those massive sunglasses for a change lol. From about 2:02 when he’s got his back to the balcony – yum! XD

  2. Seriously, Nicola. That man could melt chocolate with his voice and face. X3 -insert long swooning sigh here-

  3. hehe he needs lots of slippers!!!!
    he looks wonderfull here and his voice is perfect…. ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

  4. *dreamy sigh* XD

  5. Did he move house? It’s a nice place. That giant skull is crazy and the kitchen is nice!

  6. I would love to own a house like that, with a huuuuge kitchen. I’d like it even more if Gackt lived in it lol ^_^

  7. Also, what song is playing? Shazam won’t tell me, probably because it’s French, but I wanna know. It’s very Gackt theme. XD

  8. OMG IS HE RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME OR WHAT!??*nose bleed* And the korean music in the back ground, makes his look all the more sexy as he walks that sexy swagger of his! Mmmm loving his hair!!!

  9. So I can only tell you people that this man looks unwerfend sexy. love him and his clip, I wish you could have here in Germany so so a service.

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