Posted by: Jo | February 25, 2011

BUNRAKU to premiere at Hong Kong International Film Festival!

The film will be shown on March 31st and April 5th.
Buy your tickets now before they sell out Hong Kong fans!!
HKIFF Official Site



  1. So do you know when this is coming to America? Or has it already premiered? But can you fill me in on this. I think you had said that it would be pushed back until 2011 but I’m not sure and I want to actually go to this so can you help me out.
    One more question. What are they talking about when they say Fraud and Gackt? I’m trying to remember but it was said the tabloids think he pushed the movie back bcuz of Fraud or something.

    • Kayla Jones: According to the producer, the film will be out this year (2011). There’s no word on a date yet, so it could very well be a few months or the end of the year before the film reaches American shores (I hope that’s not the case but you never know…).

      If it was in a tabloid magazine I’m highly suspicious of their sources ^^;
      Besides, Gackt only participated as an actor in the film – he has no say over marketing or any promotion for the movie once his job is done, so I doubt he could have halted the movie’s release just because.

  2. Well, if I only lived in Hong Kong *pouts*

  3. Thank You. I was highly doubtful of that as well. My reasonings very similar to yours. Also, because I’m a sucking gackt fan, but can you tell me if Camui is his first name or if it is really Gackt. I wondered this because I know japanese usually say the last name as reference but I see the way his name is written in certain articles and have to wonder if which is his actually name. Can you tell me. BTW, just got into Gackt like September last year. When I really should have listened to him in ’07 when he was first mentioned to me. So I naturally missed out on a lot. And just don’t know certain things.

    • Kayla Jones: No problem~
      Camui is his last name, Gackt is his first. Some people believe it’s actually a stage name, and it might be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he legally changed it to Gackt sometime in his career lol.
      Oh, congrats for joining the fandom~! *confetti* Awww that’s okay though, it’s never too late to become a fan =] If you have any more questions about him I’d be glad to help out, as well as the other fans on this site n.nb

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