Posted by: Jo | February 25, 2011

Discussions: Reverse Time

This week’s topic is from Nicola~

If you could go back in time and attend one of Gackt’s lives, which one and why?

Hmmm…. I think I would have loved to have seen either 6D7N or Jougen no Tsuki. Both had really memorable performances and they’re the ones I watched the most when I got into the fandom, so it’s extra-special I guess. Though, being in the Tokyo Dome for DIABOLOS would have been just… really no words @___@;;…
Can I do a cop out and just say all of them? XD

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. i think it would have to be going back to the Diabolos tour final in Tokyo dome, that was an incredible performance!!! (i would also want to be one of the people he called out from the audience <3)

  2. R&RII & the YFC lives.

  3. Definitely the Diabolos performance in Tokyo Dome, apart from the size it was the only tour where he performed “Lust for Blood” – though I always giggle when I watch it on DVD (got brought up with Monthy Python, don’t ask), it’s an impressive performance of not just a song, but a whole story, on a totally different level. Levels. Schizophrenia, anyone?

  4. I would have to say the Diabolos performance in the Tokyo Dome as well. It was the first Gackt concert that I ever watched and it just blew me away. Every song, every setting, every costume was amazing!! Getting to experience that for myself would just be incredible!!

  5. Definitely R&RII- would love to just dance along with the koakuma heaven song. Even when i listen to it now I automatically do the dance. And who wouldn’t want to see GACKT in a cute cat suit jumping and running from fan girl. Diabolos sounds good and is probably his best concert tour music and performance wise but I feel that the R&RII tour was more him and very diverse music wise.

  6. I looooove Diabolos, but the Camui Gakuen shows sound like so much fun! And RRII was also amazing ne~! D: It’s a hard decision… Gah! I can’t do this!! DX

    …………DIABOLOS! @_@

  7. I’d like to see the Jougen No Tsuki performance of Birdcage (since the next tour is MOON-related, I’m hoping he pulls it out of the vault). Other than that The Sixth Day is also a good contender…

  8. dude idk… 0,0 i wanna see em all!!!!
    if i go back in time, would i remain there until i caught up with the current time or be poofed back to current time after the show?
    regardless, I would want to see RRII final or the first RR
    or Diabolos or the Moon[child] one
    man, thi sis hard.

    • Kriss: LOL don’t even go into the mechanics of time travel with this question hun. I had a conversation with my classmates about time travel a few weeks ago and it was ridiculous and just left your head aching at the end XD;;

      Yes, yes it is @___@;

  9. DIABOLOS! It’s the one I watch the most on dvd. I love it. And he comes in on horseback. The first time I saw that I was like “oh shut up” O.O So awesome. I love the theme of the whole live, and there’s some great performances on there; I really love Misty and Ash.

    Though If I went back in time, I would go back as that girl who won the rock, paper, scissors game and got Cha Cha’s guitar and Gackt’s ring. And a hug. Luckiest girl Ever!

  10. Oh, for a future discussion, I don’t think this has been suggested:

    If you could be in one of Gackt’s PVs, which one and why?

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