Posted by: Jo | February 28, 2011

GACKT – Nemuri Kyoshiro DVD

According to the BARKS website, the Nemuri play will be published on DVD and TV!
The website also confirms that GACKT will have concert tours in Japan for the whole month of August!

Thanks to sakura_liz at OGYD! for the info + pics!
Nemuri DVD/TV + August Tour



  1. I bet you any money if he did the Nemuri play in the US and UK, it would sell out. I’d pay big money to see it lol. But I shall have to settle for the dvd when it comes out *crosses fingers*

    • Nicola: Sad thing is that I just spend my extra cash on the Europe DVD, Swimsuit DVD, and Nemuri photobook.
      Gaaaaaaaackt y u make me poor ;o;?

  2. I have been waiting for this…… seriously. It’s finally coming… ~runs off to work on her japanese~

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