Posted by: Jo | March 4, 2011

Discussions: Duets

Who would you love to see GACKT perform a duet with?

It doesn’t have to necessarily be one other person btw, bands or multiple artists are fine =]

Hmm… I would love to see him duet with Kamijo. Their voices are incredibly powerful and would probably blend together beautifully. Add the rest of Versailles in there and it could turn out to be an epic number. Also Asagi of D, who also has an incredible voice (and D’s cover of Malice Mizer’s Gekka no Yasoukyoku just opens up a number of possibilities). Another duet with HYDE or Takanori Nishikawa would also be great :3
I would also want to see a duet with MIYAVI – the two are practically brothers, and I think they could create an interesting dynamic together (nevermind the fact that I just love seeing those two interact with each other xD)

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. I would like to see him do a collaboration with Versailles, it would be really great ^_^
    With a female I would say…maybe YUI or Aya Kamiki

  2. I’m still waiting for a Live Version of Orenji no Taiyou but with Hyde ¬¬
    But, leaving that behind… maybe with some Korean Artist? I don’t know… or with Arashi?


    • yeeeeeesss! hyde and GACKT forever !!! their voices are epic together… and id also like to hear a kanon wakeshima duet…. i really like her voice and style i think it wud be an interesting duet XD

  3. i’d like to see him in a super fashion video with namie amuro, i can imagine him like city hunter

  4. Ayumi Hamasaki!!!

    • It’s been done before 🙂

    • ♥Ayumi Hamasaki♥

  5. JYJ’s Jaejoong *o*
    The two remind me of each other. Their voices don’t really match, but I’d love to see a live performance just for the interactions.

  6. GACKT should temporarily join the gazette :p that would be really interesting ❤

  7. IN B4 “LADY GAGA”

    I have no idea. Anyone else on stage would just be diluting the Gacktyness of the performance, and I think GACKT’s performances rely on being 100% Gackty. When he does duet with someone, it’s interesting and fun as a novelty, but he can’t really do a full performance as himself with another celebrity there. If you get what I’m saying.

    Actually, what I’d like to see him do is write a duet himself, and then pick a well trained female singer with a really nice voice who has a background in opera or musical theater. Someone who’s good at portraying a role given to them. Effectively, she’d be another instrument for him. I’d be really interested to see how he handled that.

    (Actually, I only just remembered Orenji no Taiyou [fail orz], which did work, but largely because the other performers willingly entered into GACKT’s world and story)

    I’m listening to Nick Cave’s and Kylie Minogue’s “Where the Wild Roses Grow” as I write this

    Nick Cave is an Australian alternative artist who writes rather dark, moody songs, and the writing and concept of this was all entirely his idea.
    Kylie Minogue is, in Australia, a very famous pop singer who does catchy but shallow pop songs other people write for her, changing her style to whatever is popular at the time. She’s managed to have a 20 year career doing that. I never really liked her much, but when I heard this I gained a bit of respect for her as a performer. I think her flexibility is a genuine talent too, just the complete opposite of GACKT’s well defined style. So I guess I’d like to see him duet with the Japanese equivalent of Kylie.

  8. GACKT with Yamapi?!
    GACKT with Lee Hyori?!
    I will be so so so excited if both can perform on the same stage although it seems totally not possible at all…
    I do agree that, to a large extent, GACKT shouldnt be doig a duet as it will dilute his well-defined style… But, it’s GACKT afterall, we just can’t get enough of him with any other human beings on Earth….

    • Yeah! with Lee Hyori!

  9. with Hyde.
    Their voices sounds so good together!
    Or maybe again with namie amuro, but not Ayumi. Their voices don’t match :\

  10. Susan Boyle! I’m sure they’d be super cute together. Hayley Westenra voice-wise, but I’d be afraid for her safety. *lol*

    • I can’t believe you mentioned Gackt and Susan Boyle in the same sentence LOL! It would be funny, in a twlight zone kinda way. I think I’d be more afraid for his safety though lol ^_^

      • *lol* Yeah, she’s a resolute person and I love her that way. I’m sure they’d get along well though, he has always been totally lovely with ladies like Julie Andrews, and I’d love to hear how their voices sound together. In that perspective, I’d be even more curious how he’d sing with Hayley though, her voice is probably the most perfect, angelic sound I’ve ever heard. She’s very popular in Japan, too, so he’s very likely to know about her.

      • That’s very true. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an incidence where he’s been horrible to anyone. Unless I’m just naive lol.


    • ^THIS! I totally agree. Then they can chat about how all artists think that they are living on borrowed time. I saw an interview with Bowie in it discussing that very thing and it made me think of GACKT.

      • O.o I’d love to read that! Did it happen to be online somewhere?!

        I think they have so much in common, it’s striking. There was a time when I joked about Bowie being GACKT’s real father. *lol* But seriously, they’re both outstanding artists and quite alike in certain ways, I think they could produce fantastic art together.

      • Sorry Ash I can’t find the link. It was a Youtube vid of Bowie interviews. If you watch older and newer ones of Bowie I’m sure you will see other similarities in the evolution of GACKT as compared to Bowie. One odd trait that struck me was that both noted mimic of others as a skill. How Bowie used it, I don’t know. GACKT used it as a means of survival around others who didn’t understand him, at least as a child.

      • That’s so intriguing! You’re right, the deeper one looks, the more similarities open up. Even their “styling history” is pretty similar.

        Odd as it may sound, it’s so easy to find access to all sorts of GACKT interviews and self-written texts for me, but to find good information about how Bowie sees the world is so hard! Any recommendations maybe? :/ There’s this huge book filled with nothing but interviews with Bono (U2) that Michka Assayas wrote. If something similar existed for Bowie, or anything he wrote by himself, I’d truly love to read it!! (T^T)

      • Yes it is difficult and his view on himself and the world has been evolutionary itself. I’ll keep an eye out and send you a PM if I find anything.

        And with that I will leave you with a fantastic live of DB’s Fame. Should Gackt do this one?

    • Ashu: Thanks for reminding me, I have to look into his stuff. I’ve heard GACKT be compared to him by a lot of people (even my grandpa @__@) so I wanna see for myself 😀

      • Ok I know this discussion has likely moved on but I found this clip of a Bowie interview which was just hilarious.

  12. I really like Utada Hikaru, so I guess it would be interesting to see what they sounded like in a duet.

    I would love to hear him do another with Hyde; their voices meld together so well. Omg, I love Orenji no Taiyou XD

  13. Agreed with hyde,they r epic together,nothing can match the awesomeness! Oh and id like 2 c 1with Kanon wakashima i like her style, very unique…and umm idk i think a duet with G wud be quite intresting!

  14. Mika Nakashima. I think they’re voices would blend nicely together.

  15. Yeah, would it be cheating to say that I’d like to see myself duet with G? lol XD I think my life would forever be complete if that happened. You know, in my fantasy world, where I can actually speak Japanese lol ^_^

  16. I would like to see him singing orenji no taiyou with hyde, or some other songs with KYO from dir en grey…. and if i have to see him duetting with a female, it would be hikaru utada, kokia, or ayu again ❤

  17. It would have to be with Sting or U2’s Bono. It would probably give me goosebumps to see them sing together.

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