Posted by: Jo | March 7, 2011


Go ahead and try it before making excuses.
The pros and cons of a matter are just two sides of a coin.

When I do a live, I always try to do a lot of new things. But when I talk to my staff, I often get responses like “I don’t think that’ll work”, “That’s not possible”, “That won’t improve anything”. But when I hear these words, I always think to myself “That’s wrong.”
I have an interesting story here. It’s a story called “Shoe Salesmen in Africa”. There are Salesman A and Salesman B who have come to sell shoes for the first time in Africa. A calls his own company and says “Nobody’s wearing shoes here, so I can’t sell shoes.” On the other hand, B says “Nobody’s wearing shoes, and shoes are flying off the shelves!”
In other words, as long as the conditions are the same, whether people can accomplish something or not depends a lot on their own mindsets. Whether you think you can do something or not, and whether you think you’ll succeed or not, ultimately depend on your own mindset and ideas.
When you think you’re in a pinch, it could actually turn out to be a great opportunity, or when you think you got a great chance, you might suddenly find yourself cornered. There’s hardly anything in the world that’ll go smooth and easy from the beginning.
In life, we run into things we can’t understand, get into troubles, or face hardship all the time. But if you can think that those are the very moments you are presented with opportunities, everything you are about to embark on from that moment becomes exciting, because those are the moments when everything becomes a plus.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. He really is a motivated person ^____^
    Enjoyed reading this, thanks!

    • You’re welcome 😀

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