Posted by: Jo | March 8, 2011

BUNRAKU to premiere at Action Fest 2011!

Great and exciting news U.S. East Coast fans!
BUNRAKU will be shown in April at Action Fest 2011, which is located in Asheville, North Carolina. The schedule for the movie isn’t up yet, but please check out the official site for more info.
Also check out AF’s Twitter – they’re catering to us GACKT fans specifically ;D
Action Fest Official Site
Keith Calder’s Twitter
Action Fest’s Twitter



  1. Aah! Hells Yes! I’m East Coast Georgia, Baby!!! Oh my fucking shit. This is awesome, now I can’t go to sleep I have to plan because you know what I am so going to go even if I have to ditch schoo l to go I will fucking go.

  2. Exscuse the language Please. I am very excited about this, you don’t understand. But yes I am terribly riled up.

    • Heh, I don’t blame you for being so excited. I would be too ^_^ I can’t wait til it comes out in the UK. I’ll probably make my parents’ ears bleed with my screams of joy XD

      • Wil Gackt be attending this premiere?

      • So far there’s no word if he is or not, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out -.-b

    • Hahaha that’s okay, I cursed as well and then cursed a little more for the timing and for just spending money on him xD;

  3. YES! I’m soo excited. I’m not far from there so I’m definitely gonna go. Finally I get to feel like I can participate in something GACKT. You know something other than scouring Youtube or fansites for anything months or years after release. Well at least it all feels new to me since I just discovered Gackt last year. YAY!

    • Yaaay, have oodles of fun >.<b!!!

  4. i am glad G is allowing lots of his fans see his work, maybe he has finally realised that his music is very popular overseas as well as in Japan šŸ™‚

    • This is something that I don’t think is under his control. He’s the artist for sure but the business people make most of the decisions when it comes to promotion etc.,. It benefits the people who put this out to participate in as many screenings as possible to promote the film. All he can do is push for it. I for one think they should just do what he wants. But that’s just my opinion. šŸ™‚

    • I’m sure Gackt’s always known that he has fans overseas – it’s just a bit harder to reach out to them ^^;;
      And basically everything Billie said lol.

  5. Ugh, if only my spring break was displaced one week! I doubt G will be around there since he’s so knackered from Nemuri and various other insanities (not to mention he’s still recovering from YFC), but we can all hope, ne? Are there any film festivals happening on the west coast soon that might screen Bunraku as well?

    • I wouldn’t rule it out completely, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he already has plans made out for April and on (heck, Japan tour in August so…)
      Not that I know of, but I hope we get something soon *crosses fingers*

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t know if anyone noticed but the initial description of Bunraku on the ActionFest website didn’t list GACKT along with the “others”. But it soooo does now! ROFL! Get it right people!

    • I noticed that when I first looked. I was like ‘eh? why’s G’s name not there’. Eesh how dare they forget to put his name. Just checked again now and there it is emblazoned in capitals “GACKT!” ^_^

      • Ya know on the one hand I admit they might not know the awesomeness that is GACKT. BUT he is the CO-LEAD IN THIS FILM! GEEEEZ!

      • I think that when the festival staff is informed about the movies that will be showing, they’re given a certain number of facts to put on the site and leave it at that. And considering that the movie has well-known Hollywood stars like Josh, Demi, Woody, Ron, etc. most festivals and promoters would probably assume that they would be the major factor into audience appeal, aside from the movie’s plot and graphics, so they credit them first and think that everyone else is a no-body or not as important for the audience to know.

        They probably did their research afterward though, because it’s clear that GACKT is a major draw into the movie ;DDDDD

  7. Gackt hear my prayers. Come to the festival. I know you’re tired and I don’t want to strain you, but dude!!! I doubt you’ll even have a concert when I go to Japan. I just want to me you once.
    If it makes you feel any better. I am no stalker, I can barely find my hometown on a map so I’m clueless in the um stalker things.
    ok I sound creepy now.

    • LOL! Don’t worry, half the time I wonder if I sound like a stalker ^_^ Just shows how much you love him. In a non-stalker way ^_~

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