Posted by: Jo | March 10, 2011

GACKT Community Blog 2011.03.09

Here’s another photo from the graduation performance~
Staff Blog 2011.03.09



  1. I wish there was a bigger picture… *pouts*

    • Me too. Oh well I guess those kids are somehow important. SIGH 😀

      • Lucky kids ^_^ I think I would seriously DIE (well not really cos then I’d miss it lol) if G ever showed up at my graduation. But it’s so nice that he goes and does that for them *swoons* I love that man XD

    • Sorry to do this here but… did you get the PM I sent you with the Bowie clips? My LJ account is Bliss07. I was trying to be positive when I put that one together. Anyway. I hope you enjoy them.

      • Oops I’m sorry that was meant for Ashura.. sooorrry.

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