Posted by: Jo | March 11, 2011

GACKT Official Twitter

This was posted on the Underland site (GACKT’s mobile phone site, only available on Japanese phones) as well as the community site but anyways; if you have Twitter, you can now follow GACKT (@GACKT)! And if you don’t have an account.. I guess it might be time to make one =D?
Btw, his first few tweets are a reposting of his latest blog entry.
GACKT’s Official Twitter

Also, amaiakuyume has created a Twitter account in order to translate GACKT’s tweets, aptly called GACKT Tweets (@gackttweets).
GACKT Twitter Translations



  1. What he wrote on twitter is just exactly what he also blogged about. I think this is a good way to spread his words without creating too many sources and confusion.

    In other news, according to some blogs a charity site of his doing is on the way.

    • Mhmm, it’s a great move on his part.
      I had a feeling he would be doing some type of charity ^^ I’m sure it’ll involve a lot of people too

      • The website is up and running!
        I hope there’ll be a way to donate online soon, too. He knows people worldwide want to help, or so I hope.

      • Mhmm, but in any case this is a great start ne? I’ve just updated with a post about it~

  2. It’s about time he joined the rest of the world on Twitter. 🙂

  3. just lately discovered his work, well, a year or so ago, nice voice, excellent musical talent, wardrobe, well, very nice… i teach french and english, wish i spoke japanese.. 🙂

    • Haha well let me be among the first to welcome you into the fandom :D~!! I hope you get to know more about G x3

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