Posted by: Jo | March 12, 2011

Show Your Heart

So as I stated in the last post, GACKT has created a new charity fund:
Show Your Heart
I’ve also added the link into the Related Sites section on the right.

All proceeds will go to those in the affected areas via the Japanese Red Cross, local governments, and social welfare corporations.
The site lists the account number you can send your donations to.

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (SWIFT: SMBCJPJT) <- You need this SWIFT code to send money from overseas.
Shibuya Ekimae Branch (No.234)
Account Number: 3483718
Account Holder: NHN JAPAN  (NHN JAPAN = エヌエイチエヌジャパン)

Even if you can’t donate any money, the least you can do is spread the word around to show your support, for this charity fund as well as all the others. Let’s show those who are suffering right now that they’re not alone ♥


  1. The fact that he’s made a charity to help those in Japan when they are in need shows that he’s more than just a great musician, but a great human being as well. I know that sounds sappy, but I think it’s lovely that he and others are doing all they can to support those affected by the disaster ❤

    • I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got out there himself to help with the rescue missions. He’d be the type to mobilize a whole bunch of people to assist with the efforts.

  2. I am definitely going to try to give a donation and now I know where to send it to

  3. If I am adult I would give some money, but in my country is a lot of problems with money;/. I am really sorry about situation in Japan, all my heart is there and I hope Jesus bless Japan. Gackt is amzing man… I love his voice and being human. I will pray for Japan and Gackt.

    • It’s fine if you can’t donate. I think what matters is that we all have Japan in our thoughts and try to spread awareness for the situation and many charities and organizations to as many people as possible =] What you’re doing right now is more than enough too. What matters the most is that everyone in Japan knows that they’re not alone ❤

  4. I’m also unable to donate, and I really wish I could. :/ BUT…I did make a support sign for Japan. It’s not much, but I figured that it was better than nothing?

    • Oh that’s really nice, Victoria 🙂 It’s the thought behind it that counts. I’m sure people in Japan will appreciate the support they’re receiving ❤

      • Thank you, I’m glad you like it. ^_^ Yes, I do hope they can feel all our support and kiai we’re sending~ ❤

  5. My mother wants to donate it to Gackt’s charity, but we can’t figure out how.

    • Is it by check only?

      • I think wire transfer works as well? I’m not as well-informed about money and banks as I should be, so I’m unsure to be honest =\
        I’m going to find out more information about it tomorrow though, so I’ll let you know what I learned then~

        Some Dears on LJ are thinking about compiling their donations into one account via PayPal and having whoever owns the main PayPal account transfer that money over to the charity fund. So if you have PayPal that’s one way to go…

      • Hi, there’s bank transfers or wire transfers (and it works – have successfully sent over)…

        But bear in mind that there are bank handling charges (both on your local bank side and on the japan bank side) – think the total bank charges comes to around 40USD or so…

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  7. I and my family (mom, dad and two sisters) each sent donations via The American Red Cross. We’re going to make donations next month as well (and probably for many months to come). It’s faster and less confusing this way.

  8. To all – please note that the bank details for the SHOW YOUR HEART project has changed.
    It’s no longer Sumitomo bank or the NHN account
    Please check the SHOW YOUR HEART website.

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