Posted by: Jo | March 16, 2011

Fan Project – Irreplaceable Flower Re-Opening!

Last year, Irreplaceable Flower was created as a way for overseas fans to show their thanks and love for GACKT, Job, and his staff at the time of the European Tour.

The website is now accepting new messages of support for the victims of the recent earthquakes and tsunami.
Here are the guidelines:

1. The word limit is approximately 150.

2. Your message is to contain no offensive or vulgar material.

3. You can include photos again if you want. This has to be somehow related to the SHOW YOUR HEART project or Japan. A Graphic you made, something you did/sold to help, or maybe you had “SHOW YOUR HEART” or “Pray for Japan” written on your hand. Resolution is limited to 800×600 and under and the maximum size should be 700KB.

4. You may link to whatever site you like as long as it contains no offensive or illegal material. Videos will not be embedded or hosted on the site, but they can be linked to. As above, the videos are to contain no offensive or vulgar material, nor are they to contain nudity.

5. Your message is to focus on GACKT’s SHOW YOUR HEART PROJECT and the people in Japan, to show him/them your support.

6. Please send your messages in English or Japanese ONLY. We want to move quickly on this so we don’t have the time to organize and do translations like we did last time.

If you have any questions, they can be directed towards
Or if you’re too shy to email, I’ll be more than happy to help you out ^^

The deadline for message submissions is Saturday, March 26th.
Show Your Heart Message Submission
Irreplaceable Flower on LJ


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