Posted by: Jo | March 16, 2011

Fan Project – Message for Dears

I know that there are some people out there who aren’t able to donate at the moment, but no worries – there are still ways we can show our support and love for those in Japan right now.

ashura_oh is currently taking messages for those in Japan and will be translating them and posting them in the DEARS Mansion, which is the official community site for the fanclub.
I know it doesn’t seem like much, but words can sometimes have a big impact on people. Even if it’s just a few short words, it can still help and motivate people not to give up and keep moving forward.

So, you can either leave a message in the Dears Com. on LJ (link provided below) or send Ashu a pm.
If you don’t have a Live Journal account, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to send them over ♥
Message for Dears



  1. i dont have an lj account so ima try my best here ^_^ …im not so good with words but i still want them to know that they are in our thoughts and hearts! thanx jo and everyone whos working on this for giving us an opportunity to show them that

    tomorrow is yours
    many suns rise and many set
    but eternity is yours
    never forget

    • Found your message here by chance, I’ll put it in! Thank you so much! ❤

      • thnk YOU for all ur effort and hard work ^_^

  2. I don’t have an LJ too. So, i’ll leave my message here and hope you can help me to send it over…

    Perhaps i can’t lend my hands for a help, but i can lend you my heart & my passion to accompany your steps through my prayer.
    Be strong everyone! Be strong GACKT-san!
    The sun will shine upon you again soon…
    My pray for you all & my pray for Japan.

    • Just saw your message, thanks a lot, dear! X3 I’ll add it!

  3. Thanks so much for the promotion, Jo!! X3

    • You’re welcome ;D~~~

  4. I dont have an account eather so i will leave my message here. To those in Japan, please stay stong. A time will come when u can laugh again, but to move forward u must first pick yourself up. let ur streingth and unity be the shining example that the world needs to see that we can overcome anything by joining together and being a friend to the person next to you. All my love and hope goes out to all of you. please above all else be safe.

    • Thanks so much, I’ll include it! =D ❤

  5. Konichiwa Gactksan. I wanted to say that i am so glad that someone like you is taking their time to help their people who are suffering. My family and i are especially trying help the people of ichihara which is the sister city to our city where i live as well as people every where that need help in japan through our chruch here. we send love and prayers to everyone. we also are trying to help the animals there as well by collecting food and blankets for them along with regular things were are sending to japan for people, we know that pets are like family to the people of japan as well, because our little dog oogie (he’s a white minature poodle) is a member of our family. I hope this finds you and your own “fur babies” as well as can be.

    • Err, sorry, I’m not collecting messages for GACKT. ^^” The messages are supposed to be for his fans who, right now, mostly don’t have a clue that we’re trying to help them from overseas. You can try to e-mail him your message directly, because then he’s far more likely to read it than in my Dears Mansion blog, haha. But of course I’ll include your message if you want me to.

      • this got mixed up from the one i was trying to write to gackts email. my friend was typing these for me and she sent the wrong one here.
        again my apologies.
        this is the one that should have been sent (could you please delte this other one?)
        To our brothers and sisters in japan,
        Know that you are allways in our prayers and we are doing our outmost best to send help you. the city of ichihara in japan is our sister city here, we are collecting things to send to you to be of help.
        People here love you and want you to please stay strong.

  6. Thanks guys, got it all! =D Of course you can still leave messages in the future, this project has no deadline.

    I’m about to translate the last messages now. It’s late at night in Japan though, so I might only post about it tomorrow, in order to make more people see your words. Depends. 😉

    Thanks a lot for participating and spreading the love! ❤

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