Posted by: Jo | March 16, 2011

Show Your Heart Update

The charity fund has been making a lot of progress~!

Firstly, GACKT’s message and information about the charity is now available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian!
It also looks like there will be more efficient and easier ways to donate for those overseas, so keep an eye out for more information.
Show Your Heart Information

Also, when it concerns the charity, it seems that GACKT will have his blogs translated and placed on the official site as well (only available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).
I’ll provide the link for the English version but the other languages can be accessed through the main site.

Finally, the charity has gathered well over 100,000,000円 or $1.25 million USD!
The site has also updated it’s list of contributors, including the members of Job, companies, other Asian celebrities.

As GACKT stated in his latest blog post, donations will be accepted until March 31st. After that, the money will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross and the charity will start up again at a later date.
Show Your Heart



  1. $1.25 million dollars and it hasn’t been set up for very long. That’s amazing. Well done to Gackt and everyone who has donated 🙂

  2. And 60 tons of good ready to be delivered. Does anyone else just sigh when they read these things or is it just me?

    • A sigh of happiness.. right?

      • Of course! But also a dreamy schoolgirl sigh. 🙂 He’s soo great! sigh!

    • Lol, it’s not just you. G often induces a dreamy sigh from me as well ^_^ Cos he’s the best XD

  3. This news helps lift me up and makes me smile. This way we can help the people of Japan move forward. Also because of his efforts, it inspired me to start my own mini fundraising project as well.

    All the proceeds go towards the Red Cross for Japan Diaster Relief.

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