Posted by: Jo | March 16, 2011

Site Update 2011.03.16

Evening everyone, I hope you’re doing well ^^~

* I apologize for no new GACKTIONARY entry this past Monday. It’s been hectic as we all know, and it just feels weird to post an entry during the middle of the week. So, GACKTIONARY posting will resume next Monday (sorry to make you wait xD; )

Edit: My schedule is really backed up this week, so there’s going to be another delay on the GACKTIONARY posts (so sorry!!) m(_ _)m

* I’m in the process of removing, adding, and editing links. I can’t remember everything I’ve changed but this is a basic list:

Fan Projects: No change but I will probably add links to the recent fan projects sometime this week.
Fansites: Added Forget-me-Not and moved Masa’s site from GACKTJob to here (as I just found out, it was a fansite ^^;;;;;; )
GACKT: Re-named the links and added his Twitter. There’s a rumor going around about his official FaceBook, but until one of the other official sites acknowledges that FB I won’t add it to the list jsut yet ^^;
More Camui Love?: I will probably re-name this as “Contact” and add a new email address (I tend to forget about the hotmail one, sorry!!)
Related Sites: From what I remember, I think I just added Show Your Heart. This section might under-go some changes, so keep an eye out for that.
Sources: Added Amaia’s Twitter account.

* It’s a bit farther down on the page, but on the bottom right sidebar (right after Recent Posts) is a subscription button. This might make it easier for some to keep track of the posts I make~

* I will be making a new page up at the top for Show Your Heart sometime between this week and next – it’ll be much easier to keep track of the charity this way.

* Finally, my postings between now and next Friday (March 26th) may be a little late or non-existent due to finals. I’ll do my best to update important information though ^^

Edit: I forgot to mention – comments are now threaded, meaning it’s easier to tell who’s replying to who. I changed this a little while ago, so now I can stop bolding your user names (though I may tend to do so out of habit.. XD; )

Any suggestions, complaints, or compliments can be made in the comments below~




  1. Psssh Jo – There is no need to apologize for anything. Take care of your “bidness” and we will be waiting! 🙂

  2. Who heard of this before?

    • That was my first actually @____@;
      I’m quite surprised – I never knew he did a Korean version before. Well, I still have slight doubts if it’s legit or not, but I wouldn’t doubt that GACKT created this version somewhere down the line…

      Thank you for sharing =]

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