Posted by: Jo | March 31, 2011

Show Your Heart Update

Sorry I’ve been absent from the net guys, but I’m back now and have a loooot of updating to do. I hope no one’s been out of the loop too much since I’ve been gone…
Today’s posts will be focused on SYH and other related projects – blogs and other news will return Friday.

* The account number for SYH has changed – this specifically applies for those living in Japan or who have bank accounts in Japan. Please look at the official SYH page for more information.
As for overseas fans, the site is now directing international donations towards the Japanese Red Cross (as Show your Heart is directly supporting the organization) and to other charities and organizations that are convenient in your area.
Show Your Heart OHP

* I apologize for this announcement being so late m(_ _)m
GACKT announced on his Twitter (and later on the OHP) that he would start a world-wide fundraising event from March 31st to April 3rd. There will be 123 locations in Japan where you can donate and show support for SYH and the victims. GACKT is also asking those overseas to participate during this timeframe (note that if more time is needed to get things rolling, that’s perfectly okay). Ideally street fundraising is the way to go but there are other ways to show your support. GACKT listed church donations, fund-raisers at your workplace, collection boxes at stores, free markets, charity auctions, etc. as examples. The main point of this event is to get people moving and working together towards a common goal, in order to give the victims some courage and show that the world is with them. If you’re setting up a street-fundraiser, there is a form you can sign on the OHP to show that you’re participating (look for the red ‘Contact’ button on the Language pages).
Just remember that whatever it is you decide to do to show your support, keep it legal, stay safe, and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t have the time to participate – there will be more opportunities in the future =]
SYH info on

* GACKT began another project on his Twitter (and the SYH pages have updated with the project as well). He’s asking for video messages and photos for the victims in Japan in order to give them courage and show that the world is with them.
For video messages: Please write “SHOW YOUR HEART” on a piece of paper, followed by a message that you would like to make, and then your city/country that you are from. Upload the videos onto YouTube starting on March 31st. If you don’t have an account, upload your video to a file server and send the link to it via email to the address below so that the staff can upload it for you.
For photographs: Write “SHOW YOUR HEART” on a piece of paper, followed by your message and your city/country and send it as an attachment to the address below. They will be uploaded onto the OHP.
GACKT also stated on his Twitter that they will be accepting photos and videos up until the end of April, so make sure to send them in A.S.A.P.!
GACKT on Twitter
SYH info on

* If you’re looking for other projects to join in or looking for inspiration on what to do, I encourage you to check out the link below from the Dears Com. There are dozens of projects happening on LJ alone, and it’s pretty inspiring methinks.
Project Compilation List

* Lastly, here are a couple of articles and tweets about Show Your Heart and some messages of hope from Japan’s celebrities (GACKT’s is about 5 messages down):
Japan Times
More on TokyoHive
Keith Calder promotes SYH
Action Fest promotes SYH
Messages of Hope on Tokyo FM



  1. Welcome Back Jo! How is your break going?

    • Thanks Billie :D~
      Pretty good, though there’s not enough time to do all the things I want, fuuu =.=…
      But, I’m catching up on sleep so that’s always a plus in my book LOL

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