Posted by: Jo | April 2, 2011

GACKT Tweets 2011.03

If you’re not following GACKT on Twitter, you should know that he is now addicted to the friggin’ thing LOL
Not only does he tweet often, but he also tends to write long messages and sometimes does it in multiple languages. Keeing up with this man is a job in itself I tell ya…

Luckily for the fandom, we have awesome dedicated fans~
Remember, if you have Twitter I recommend following GACKT Tweets, which is Amaia’s Twitter translation account~
I don’t know how often I will post these Twitter translations, but they will most likely occur on Fridays.
Thank you to the following translators!!!

ashura-oh‘s Translations (Japanese to English):
03/16 & 03/21

amaiakuyume‘s Translations (Japanese to English):
03/12 – 03/16
03/24 & 03/25
03/27 & 03/28

Aqua‘s Translations (Mandarin to English):
03/20 & 03/23
03/23 & 03/24

mystical_priest‘s Translation (Mandarin to English):

Also, here are a couple of links to various pictures he's used as his background, profile pic, and articles about his Twitter. And though I can’t find his original profile information on Twitter, his current information is still pretty lol-worthy (check it out!)
GACKT Official Twitter
Twitter Backgrounds & Profile Pics
More on GACKT’s first few days on Twitter
GACKT tweeting encouraging messages on TokyoHive
GACKT tweeting in English on TokyoHive
GACKT tweeting in Mandarin on TokyoHive

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