Posted by: Jo | April 2, 2011

Nation-wide Fundraising for Show Your Heart

On March 31st from 5-7 PM, 130 locations across Japan came together to raise money for the Show Your Heart campaign.
GACKT himself went out and helped fundraise in front of the Nagoya JR train station alongside dozens of volunteers. Many of his fans came out and donated, and GACKT shook each of their hands and thanked them for their contributions.

Here are some translations, articles, and pictures about the whole event:
GACKT’s tweets about Nagoya (translated by excused_early)
News 24
Nikkan Sports



  1. awww it is so nice to see GACKT helping the people in need ๐Ÿ˜›
    he looks really good with his new style!!! kinda similar to kimi ni aitakute pv, he looks older now, in a good way ๐Ÿ˜› it would be odd if G hadn’t grown older ^_^

  2. The man just gets better with age ^_^ Yet he stills looks amazing for 37. I showed one of my friends the calendar pics and she thought he was like 25 lol.

    I’m liking his hair too. Though I was disappointed he cut off those luscious black locks. It’s strange, he looks different with a new hairstyle but yet he doesn’t. Lol, that made sense in my head XD

    • No I understood what you meant, no worries XD;

  3. Anybody noticed he nearly gets run over at 0.38?
    Be careful drivers!!

    • LOL wow I never noticed!
      Bad driver, trying to mow down Gaku like that D:<!

  4. I think Gackt looks tired and gaunt. I commend him for helping out his country, but I really wish he would take care of himself. The world will not come to an end if Gackt eats decently and gets some rest. But he might.

  5. He looks perfectly ok and in good health. I’m sick and tired of the “ohhh he should rest more and eat better” comments. He looks AMAZING.

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