Posted by: Jo | April 11, 2011

GACKT to star in new BS Period Drama “Tempest”

As GACKT announced on his Twitter, he will be starring in an upcoming drama called “Tempest.” He will play Jo Teigai, a lecherous, evil man who became a eunuch in order to sleep with women and is the story’s main villain. As the story takes place in Okinawa, it seems that GACKT’s older sister was the one who pressured him into the role.
Also announced on his Twitter, GACKT has shaved off most of his hair for this role.

.. I don’t know about you guys, but I REALLY want to see him pull this off. XD
GACKT’s Tweet & Role Description (from amaiakuyume)
Tempest Official Site



  1. Gackt playing a eunuch…. interesting. I hope he wears a bald cap… I don’t want to see him shaven bald… his gorgeous hair……

    • I thought that they only got castrated. Man that sucks if he’s bald. Well…no he maybe a beautiful bald guy. He kind of shaved his head for the Indonesian Charity. That we’re all Asian.

  2. I hope he’s as good as he was in Mr. Brain and Fuurin Kazan.

  3. That’s an… interesting role lol. He was scarily good at being evil in Mr. Brain. I’m sure he will be great. I look forward to seeing him in this role. Ugh, I hope he doesn’t shave his hair off. I’l be writing to him to tell him off if he does ^_^

    Is it wrong that I still found him hot even when he was playing a cannibalistic serial killer? XD

  4. He said on twitter that he did indeed shave off all his hair, and that it was a refreshing feeling. He shocked his manager quite a bit who said that this way, GACKT doesn’t look like a Japanese at all anymore. “So, what do I look like then?” – “… Mafia…” GACKT then exclaimed that that’s not a nationality. ;P

    • LOL oh my, it should be interesting to see G this way ne? That’s for clearing that up >3<~

      • It got even funnier tonight. His staff apparently was quite as shocked. ‘”You don’t look like a Japanese anymore.” – “So, what do I look like?” – “… a soldier…” – Isn’t that a profession? Well, Ustream in soldier mode!’

        Hm, I guess you’ll have read these already… I really can’t keep up with the fandom these days. Sorry~!

  5. He acctually looks great in his new hair! Different, but great ^.^
    I really wanna see this drama!! Sounds very interesting!

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