Posted by: Jo | April 11, 2011

Show Your Heart Update

More updates for SYH~

* Firstly, Irreplaceable Flower’s project of gathering messages for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami was a great success. The mods sent an email with the site’s link to GACKT and within a few minutes GACKT replied to each of them with a sincere thank you and that he read all the messages. Thank you to all of those who participated, and remember that you can still send photos and videos for GACKT’s suggested project to
Thank you from GACKT

* Speaking of the email link above, the official site for SYH has changed it’s URL. It is now

* Another blog entry has been translated and placed on the official site (it’s the one from March 27th):
New entry in TO ALL THE PEOPLE

* While GACKT was in Nagoya, Chacha and YOU were in Akihabara also helping collect donations~ (thanks to chacha_nerds!)
Chacha and YOU for SYH

* SYH continues to be mentioned in various articles :3
GACKT and SYH effots mentioned on

* There is now a new community on LiveJournal for all of your SYH news and related projects – OGYD_SYH, a sister community to OhGACKTYouDidn’t! Even if you don’t have a LiveJournal account, it’s still a great place to see what projects are taking place and what you can do to help out ♥

* Finally, I have a number of videos to share with you DEARS.
After the fundraising in Japan took place nationwide, a number of overseas events took place from March 31st to April 3rd. Here is an account of the event in Singapore (thanks to b_sim for the report and for you and your team’s hard work!)
SYH in Singapore

And at the event in Hawaii, GACKT left a special message in English for those present!

A number of videos and pictures have come in from left and write supporting Japan and SYH, and GACKT is really thankful for everyone’s efforts. The first video is one that GACKT tweeted about from friends in Germany, and the second one is GACKT speaking in Mandarin followed by words of support from Chinese stars, including Jackie Chan!

Keep up your efforts minna-san, and remember – SHOW YOUR HEART!



  1. this charity is really great it makes me sooooo happy to know there are so many people who are trying there best to help people affected in Japan!!!

    *GACKT’s english-speaking-voice is very lovely 😛 it makes me drift into dreamland ^_^*

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