Posted by: Jo | April 11, 2011

Site Update 2011.04.11

* I want to apologize for being absent this past week. As you may or may not know, LiveJournal has been under a seige of DDoS attacks lately and because of that, no one’s been able to login or access any information on the site. And since most of this site’s info comes from LJ… well, you see the problem @___@;
I believe LiveJournal is back up and running again for the most part, so let’s cross our fingers and hope we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming ^___^;;;

* GACKTIONARY and Discussions post will continue this week (horaaay~!)

* The SYH page will be delayed a bit… ’cause… I mean do you see all the info I have to complie? LOL I have my work cut out for me @___@;

* I think I’m going to create another page strictly for GACKT’s acting career, as he seems to keep getting offered one role after another :3

* Edited and added some of the links on the right side.

* BUNRAKU premiered over at ActionFest this weekend~~~ I’ve added excused_early‘s review with the previous reviews and articles and am currently searching for more. If you know of one, send me a comment and I’ll add it to the list (and will probably re-publish that list sometime later).

Any suggestions, complaints, or compliments can be made in the comments below~




  1. awww you don’t need to apologize, you couldn’t help it afterall 🙂

    Please take as long as you need to get everything sorted, it doesn’t matter if it takes months, i am just glad there is a site as good as this one, which keeps me informed about G’s actions ❤

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