Posted by: Jo | April 12, 2011


If anyone is up right now, GACKT is on live via USTREAM and talking with Kawasaki Mayo and Saijo Takeo about SYH and other relief efforts in his living room.
Also, you can see G’s new haircut (don’t worry, he’d not bald~)

Edit: The live stream has ended – thanks to everyone who was able to view and chat along! Click the link below to watch the entire interview:

GACKT, Kawasaki Mayo and Saijo Takeo



  1. Hey hey… some lovely person managed to record the whole Ustream and here’s the link (also on Ustream):

  2. I’m so glad he didn’t shave it all off lol. Hmm I don’t like him with really short hair. I still love you Gackt! ^_^ I do prefer it when his hair is longer. Like in the Setsugekka or Last Song PV. Yum! ^_^ His Diabolos hair grew on me, and I was appalled by that at first lol.

    I couldn’t understand a word on this video, but I could listen to G talk all day XD

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