Posted by: Jo | April 15, 2011

Discussions: This Song Needs a PV!

After a long hiatus, Discussions are back =DD~!

Which one of GACKT’s songs would you make a PV for?

These can be either songs without a PV or PVs that you think need a serious make-over. And feel free to describe the video to your heart’s content!

Well, one song that I’ve always thought about a PV for was Farewell. I know, not your standard pick of the litter o__O lol I’ve always had this image of GACKT walking in some desert canyon, guided by a blood red moon and the sky is a mix of green, blue, and orange hues (something like the colors used in OASIS). I think he’s also like, some kind of spirit, and when the wind blows little dust particles roll off of his form. Usually when the song hits the chorus, he’s standing on a plateau and the wind picks up really strongly, trying to blow him away (if you’ve ever seen Creed’s video for One Last Breath, it’s something close to that). But of course, GACKT remains resilient until the end of the song, where he scatters like dust in the wind….
Not too sure if Job should be there or not LOL but I think they could add to the video’s interest =D
And I have no idea what G would be wearing… just that it would look great -3-

On another note, I would want to re-make the video for Tsuki no Uta. With the way animation has improved over the years, we can make GACKT prettier 8D
GACKT should just have a PV for all of his songs imo 8D

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Why, “Lust for Blood” of course! XD I always imagined a rather demonic (but of course gorgeous) couple fighting and in the end stabbing each other when listening to it, probably inspired by the contents (not aesthetics) of an Enigma PV. Flashbacks with the beginning of their story would be fun, too. No girly girls in floating white dresses for a change. ;D

    Apart from that, I’d love to see the girl who sings in “RETURNER” and her connection to that warrior on the battlefield.

    Hahaha, I obviously like fight videos. XD Anything with robot/cyborg loveliness like Björk’s “All Is Full Of Love” would be great, too.

    U+K could use a funny kitten cartoon, I think. So far the wedding PV is the only funny PV in his lo~ng list, I think a bit of silliness couldn’t hurt for a change again. It wins people’s hearts, and that’s what PVs are meant to be for.

    Awesome discussion topic!

    • So kind of like Todokanai’s PV, ‘cept more epic and less G :D? XD Either way, that’s really cool @__@~
      You’re right, he DOES need a funny PV to add to his repetoire =o! I second the dancing kitties!!!

      • Err no, Todokanai always felt a bit strange to me. ^^” Kinda totally different. It’s hard to tell though. Maybe because I’d like the couple to be very androgynous, so that it’s hard to tell in action scenes who’s who (both clad in armour or something alike), and they shouldn’t look too human either. As I said, rather like demons. Sorry, I’m not very much into vampires. XD;; Pretty epic though, yepp. Maybe like the elves battling in LotR, that’d fit. A very cool, cold, dark surrounding with less Gothic kitsch would be nice, too. XD *ducks from flying dung*

        Well, it’s a shame Ren’s not with them anymore. He should be summoned for a real kitty video!

      • Aaaaah, I see @.@ Yeah I have to agree with you on Todokanai, that video was… I mean I like the concept but I think it should have been executed better =\

        And there needs to be clouds of fluff and the kitties have their own planet where they Koakumania and nya and whip each other to their hearts’ content 😀

      • Yeah, I think it’s still a bit too much… hm, VK-style? Church, graveyard, girl with long flowing hair and white dress… and being the total fantasy nerd that I am, I’d absolutely love something totally grand-scale, like a movie soundtrack. I always wanted him to make an instrumental movie score anyway. X3

        You know, I wonder what the song would be like if it was composed for a certain “PV vision”. Because he usually sings songs with a story in the background, and I believe that he probably “sees” that story somehow. Movie, anyone? Y/Y

      • LOL I think it would have worked better if it went another notch up as well xD;
        Zomg, I would die from an instrumental soundtrack. No words could describe my happiness @___@….

        Yes to that notion!!
        I think I can understand his story vision-thing. It occurs for me when I listen to his music (and some others) and then suddenly…. it’s kind of like you go into a daydream and colors, scenarios, images, and people just begin to play and move around in your mind. And in turn I use those little snippets of ideas to create a storyline or develop characters that I could use in the future.
        Well, that’s how it is for me – I imagine it’s something similar for him x3;;

      • And he wouldn’t need to exhaust himselve completely during lives! XD Conducting etc.

        I remember that he said that once, ages ago. That he composes songs during driving and so on. He sees the story and then the music comes in somehow. Mm, it’s only a vague memory, I might have read that in Jihaku or something like that (which I haven’t touched ever since because I want the Japanese edition instead of the translation). Would have to look it up. ^^” But yeah, it’s that way for me, too.

        And as it comes to be, movie scores are actually my favourite music. XD One day I should count how many score CDs I have compared to everything else. *lol* (Gackt excluded, he has his own shelf)

      • Yeah I’m quite sure it was Jihaku, in the… 4th/5th section perhaps? -.-d
        Waa, don’t you love it though? It’s… it’s really wonderful ^//^~~~~~~

        I should start buying movie scores, there’s some wonderful movie tracks that I’d love to own @___@…
        Y’know, assuming G would let me buy something without his face on it lol.

      • Really, I only read it once, years ago. XD;; I have no idea which part it was.

        What am I loving? o.O His driving?! *LOL*

        Hahaha, indeed! I haven’t bought a lot of his stuff, or went for 2nd hand options, really, that was a huge advantage of being in Japan, though it took quite a bit of searching and luck. For soundtracks, I wait until they get a bit old-ay here and then stalk amazon, 2nd hand websites etc. You could check your library, too, in case they have CDs. I haven’t been close to an “ordinary” (non-university) library for ages. ^^”
        Now I need to “study” the “Inception” score to see what’s in there for me. 😉 Maybe I should get back to bedtime listening. Unless it does to me what SUGIZO’s Nemuri soundtrack did back then, making me fall asleep after a minute and having me listening to it while I slept. XD;;

  2. i agree with ashura_oh!!! a funny pv is necessary, koakuma heaven could be great!! GACKT could dress as a girl like on the cd cover ❤ that would be funny! (after reading the English lyrics this pv could be interesting… :P)

    however a pv for one of his 'darker' songs, (such as, Lust for Blood, Nine Spiral, doomsday, speed master, etc…) could be HOT!!! vampire/dart GACKT is always epic!!!! ❤

    • Oh my~, yes!!! Koakuma drag pwetty pwea~se! XD Critics would all die. Of cuteness. Mwahaha!

  3. Just because I can’t stop listening to it….. Fressia Op.1. Must have lots of scenes with GACKT making out with…. a girl. Yeah I’m ok with that. It’d be GACKT porn. *drools*

    • LOL Wow, I have never pictured a make-out session with that song xD; Now I just might have to @___@;

  4. I love this discussion topic XD Lol, I thought of Koakuma Heaven too, cos it’s such an interesting song.

    Yes! Vampire Gackt would be cool. I love that idea for some of his darker songs.

    While I’d love to see a PV for White Eyes, awesome song that deserves a PV, I think it’s unfair there’s a PV for the unplugged version of Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara, but not the original version. Epic song. I imagine a battle in the moonlight. That’s what comes to my mind when I hear it anyway. Ooh, Vampire Gackt fighting another vampire in the moonlight. With like, an epic gothic cathedral in the background. And he should wear the outfit he wore for the live Diabolos performance of Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa. Yum! And he’s trying to save the girl (*cough*ME*cough*) Hehe. I’m sat here listening to it atm, the last chorus building up, and I can see it in my head XD

    To be honest, there should just be more PVs in general so we can see more of Gackt ^_^

    • Is it obvious I don’t get out much? LOL! I’m stuck inside doing uni work all the time atm. Gackt is my savior! I don’t know how I would cope without his music during my long studying hours XD

      • I like your ideas 😀
        Hahaha he should just make one for each of his songs, I’d love to watch him over and over (like I don’t do it enough already xp)

        I don’t get out much either (I started a fansite… that screams no life. XDD) I’m always on the comp everyday doing work and Gackting @__@;;

  5. Oh man, I definitely would want to see Doomsday made into a PV. I’ve recently become super obsessed with that song. It’s my current favorite. I have to agree with everyone else in that Lust for Blood with Gackt back in vampire regalia would be phenomenal and not something to be scoffed at. It’d be Malice Mizer all over again for that PV or, even better, a modern reboot.

    Koakuma Heaven with a cross-dressing G would make my day just because he’s so manly. I honestly don’t know if his manly pride could take it LOL

    • That is a great song~~
      Modern MM?… Honestly all I can think about is G trying to get into his ol’ Illuminiati outfit. He was so tiny back then, it’s a little hard to imagine Buff!Gackt squeezing in those pants (and yet, I’m sure he would look flawless @___@) lol

      I want Lucy Camui~!!!

  6. I don’t knwo I wish that Illness Illusion would have PV. Actually in my head it already created how the Pv would be, i wish to create animation of it someday XDD

  7. ummm nice topic….im gonna have to say oblivious kao no nai tenshi when i first heard the song i thought it must have a pv but to my huge disappointment it didnt T_T

    • Ooh I love Oblivious ^_^

      • yeah mee too so much emotion …

  8. I think Rain and Fragrance needs to compile into one giant song like in the lives and made a PV of that could be epic, because there are so much emotion and some very good pieces of music in those songs that deserves a visually stunning PV…

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