Posted by: Jo | April 19, 2011

GACKT Community Blog 2011.04.18

GACKT’s hair is even shorter now, but if you ask me I think he pulls it off very well (still as elegant and refined as ever~)
Staff Blog 2011.04.18



  1. Eek it’s so short! I think I’ll get used to it. But I do think he suits longer hair myself. Saying that though, he could have no hair and he’d still be beautiful and elegant. He’d still be Gackt ^_^

    • I think so too, he looks his best with hair framing his face -3-
      Have you seen that one pic of G with the mohawk and the names of Asian artists on his face? I mean that’s the closest he’s been to bald (besides wearing a bald cap XD) and it was real beautiful, both him and the concept itself *____*

      • Yes, I have seen that before. I really like that picture because of why he did it. The concept of it is so touching.

        So clever as well how they did it as well. I read somewhere, it took 6 hours to do lol.

  2. Where can I see this pic you speak of?

    • The mohawk one?
      Upon further inspection, he’s really not THAT bald (my memory sucks XD; ) but still, there’s a lot less hair on the sides….

      And I’m just c+p one of the comments made on the picture by koorimetear:
      “All One Asia”. It was a coffee table book to benefit the survivors of the Indonesian tsunami (as AnninaOO ) said. Gackt-san was one of the 300 or so Asian celebrities who participated. Those are the names of the other contributors, printed across his face. It took nearly six hours to complete, prior to the shoot. He did it as a statement: It’s all just skin. Beneath it, everyone’s the same.

  3. Awesome, thanks Jo 🙂

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