Posted by: Jo | April 19, 2011


I’m sorry for not posting this yesterday ^^;;; I don’t want to go another week without a GACKTIONARY entry, so I’m posting it today =D

“Normal” is simply a standard that other people defined; we have our own unique abilities.

During conversations between lovers or work-related conversations, people often say “We normally don’t do that”, “We normally do it this way”, or “That’s normally not done.” What is “normal”? Who defined it, this “normal”?
I don’t really know what people think of the word “normal” when they use it. The way I see it, what I do in my life becomes normal for myself, and I don’t want people to apply the so-called normal to me. What are they basing that on?, I want to ask.
I can understand it if they mean “In general, it hasn’t been possible in the past”. But saying “Normally~” suggests that they’re assuming I can’t do it, either, from the beginning. Really, give me a break. If I decide to do something, I will surely accomplish it. To accomplish something, all you need to do is to plan what needs to be done and then implement it. If you think you can’t do something because it couldn’t be done in the past, or if you think you can do something just because it could be done in the past, you could never create anything new.
People are so eager to work up statistics, because it gives them a sense of comfort.
If you proceed with any project by using the “normal standard”, it becomes extremely difficult to create something that’s beyond just “normal”. This is why someone who’s dependent on past data will never reach anything better, because he’s using this past data that he created himself. That’s not the actual data, but simply data that he made. For example, business that is based on normal data will never make more money than what’s “normal”. In other words, “normal” doesn’t actually exist. It’s not as if there’s someone that’s the standard for “normal”. Normal is not normal. Normal is just the feeling of the person talking. Too many people are swayed by this word

Translated by excused_early
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  1. So…Gackt writes a blog as well as a Gacktionary? That is cool.

    • Haha the Gacktionary is a book that’s compiled with pictures, tour info, his looks over the years, some interviews with other artists and 100 thoughts from Gackt. I don’t know if it’s still available online to buy but if it is, I recommend buying it. It’s lovely *___*~

  2. “If I decide to do something, I will surely accomplish it.” –> G is always so positive ^_^

    thank you again for the updates ❤

    • Welcome ❤

  3. Yeah, if people or things were always just “normal,” we’d never progress. Most of us do not want to stick out or seem odd from the crowd, so we try not to cross certain boundaries of so-called normality. Many innovators and great thinkers were thought of as strange, like the great Einstein. We just have to remember that opinions are what other people think; what is important is our own thoughts and opinions. Anyway, there is a funny quote that goes something like “Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often.”

    • Totally agree with both you and GACKT… This is especially the case when you are in Asia… People always try to be politically correct and often choose to stay with the crowd or do the same thing as their team… This is due to the so called team-spirit… Asian valued team-spirit a hell lot….

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