Posted by: Jo | April 22, 2011

Discussions: Dance Time!

Which GACKT dance is your favorite?

This can be either a choreographed dance routine or… just GACKT doing his “thang.” XD

As far as choreographing goes, GHOST is his best by far lol. But I really like the new version of Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped, he did so well! And there’s a little throwback to Lu:Na towards the end too :D~!

But if I’m including his more “GACKT-ish” moves…
Can I say the first time I saw YFC Lu:Na, I died? I know it’s not a dance move per say but… he does dance a bit in it… XD
*shameless promotion of strip tease*

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. His lab dance.

    • lol I meant lap…. stupid science lifestyle… sigh

      • Speaking as an ex-scientist/still-scientist-in-mind – we do need a lab dance from him! XD

      • Wait what?! Ashu was a scientist. Details. I am also formally one. What a life style huh? Yeah G in a lab coat…….. i can see that. šŸ™‚

      • Ex-med, but I always preferred the theory, I guess (I was aiming for forensics/anthropology once). Now I’m doing the humanities, but still try to join that with science (computer/robot technology etc.). Wish I could find a job like that after graduation. ^^” Okay, not that I can be picky about jobs, really. Anything needs to do.

        What do you do? I think science is totally sexy to be honest. XD N-CIS anyone? Hahaha~

      • I was a bench jockey, ya know straight PhD stuff… no windows, stinky mice.. etc. Science however is awesome. I love it.

  2. this is difficult… i the first thing which comes to mind though is, any of the dancing in his D.R.U.G tour, he dances…H.O.T throughout šŸ˜›

    as well as this i really love the Koakuma Heaven dance with the models

    • Omg where has this video been hiding?! LOL! Not seen this before. Thanks for that XD

  3. the KOAKUMA DANCE of course no doubt and who could forget the SDSN live of U+K GACKT + cats = epic awesomeness

  4. I do love the little dances he does on PBs etc. The gliding dance, the ice cream balancing dance, the broomstick dance… Harry Potter, out of my mind!! *lol*

  5. How the hell has no one said GHOST yet?

    • IDK. I was caught up in being dirty. You are being all informed and stuff.

    • Because I always think “I want a girl to do that”.

  6. I have to say that the little shimmy/hand-wave dance from the EVER PV is probably my favorite. Never fails to put a smile on my face. XD GHOST is pretty damn cool, too.

    • i agree with this too!
      whilst on the EVER subject, the PV was on a program which i watch about Japanese music called J-melo, it was because G was the most requested Japanese artist in the UK!!! ā¤

  7. I rather like his dance during Dispar in the Diabolos Live. Although, his adorkable dancing is probably my fave – I can’t choose one, there’s too many! ^_^

  8. GHOST!!!

  9. the mickey mouse dance.

  10. Dybbuk in Bochum! It was…how should I put it?…teasing? XD ā¤

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