Posted by: Jo | May 14, 2011

GACKT – Tempest Update

So as you all know, GACKT is playing the villain in a new NHK drama called Tempest. He plays the part of Jo Teigai (Jotei Gai was a mistranslation ^^;; ), a eunuch banned from China for sleeping with an entire harem and now plans to take over all of Okinawa.

excused_early read a little excerpt on GACKT’s character from the actual text and decided to translate it (thank you!!) Also, there’s a photo floating around of G in costume and well… I’ll let you guys be the judge. Personally, I don’t think I can watch this drama without.. laughing. XD;;;
Who is Jo Teigai?
GACKT as Jo Teigai



  1. Just as I’m wondering what had happened to you since it’s been awhile since your last post, you feed me with this shocking news!!!
    I’m still thankful to you for the updates, but….


    • Hahah sorry about that – it was midterms week and as it turns out, this quarter is kicking my butt with the workload. So I literally had no time to post anything, it was horrible T___T;; But I managed to crawl back! I still think my posting schedule will be a bit scattered until June but I’ll do my best >.<d

      And don't worry, he didn't cut off ALL of his hair – it's a bald cap. If you look at the SYH Update, the pictures from Macau are more recent and he's got hair – it's just short.

  2. Okay… That excert sounds really gross lol. It will be be interesting to see how G plays this out.

    I’m sooo glad he hasn’t shaven all his hair off.

    • I couldn’t stop laughing, it’s hilarious XD;;

      Me too.. I think bald is the only style that I dislike on G. XD

      • When it said his ‘thing’ was in his mouth and it was the size of a baby’s arm, I first grossed out, then I laughed XD And then I just had this mental image of G opening his mouth and a baby’s arm coming out lmao. I couldn’t help it! I hope they don’t stick to the book. I don’t think I could watch it lol.

      • I just kept on laughing and laughing, mostly because it was around the same time I saw the bald head and I was like “This is too much” XD. If you ever watch Naruto and know of the character Orochimaru, that’s the first thing I thought of. It’s both hilarious and utterly creepy XD

      • Just looked at a picture of that character you mentioned… Ewww! XD *begs the creators* Please please please don’t do that to G. I’d never get the image outta my head lol.

      • Was it just his look that creeped you out? Because I’m mostly talking about the fact that he uses his tounge to fight and do other things LOL

      • Well it was the look of his tongue but ‘other things’? Again, ewww lol.

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