Posted by: Jo | May 14, 2011

GACKT Tweets 2011.04

I decided to do these posts monthly – it’s much easier with the way he tweets lol
Remember to follow @GACKTTweets on Twitter for English translations of GACKT’s tweets!
Also, there’s a new community on LJ called GACKT Tweet Translations (or GTT) that archives all of GACKT’s tweets and their respective translations. So if you have an LJ account, make sure to join as it’s only available to members :3

amaiakuyume‘s Translations (Japanese to English):
04/02 & 04/03 Translations
04/06 & 04/07 Translations
04/22 Translation
04/14 & 04/15 Translations
04/15 & 04/24 Translations
04/25 & 04/26 Translations
04/27 – 05/01 Translations

Aqua‘s Translations (Mandarin to English):
03/26, 03/29, 03/30 & 04/05 + Hong Kong SYH video message Translations
04/12 – 04/18 Translations
04/19 – 04/26 Translations
04/26 – 05/04 Translations



  1. teehee~ it’s nice to see my translations up here! ;D

    • Haha well thank YOU for doing them x3!!

  2. ô.Ô Dear goodness, I’ve been so busy with tweets and then exams that I completely didn’t notice this! Gomenasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!!! …orz….. . Shame on my head! -__-‘

    So, although it’s awefully late: Thank you very very much for writing about GTT m(_ _)m

    • Oh no, the pleasure is all mine!
      You guys work hard at archiving the Spambot lol, you really deserve props ❤

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