Posted by: Jo | May 14, 2011

Show Your Heart Update

* The SYH site now has separate pages for Japanese, English, Chinese and Spanish. Here’s the English page:
SYH English Page

* Also, SYH in collaboration with the Tokyo Fashion Designer Council, is now selling SYH T-Shirts (and yes, they do ship internationally). Orders are being taken up until the end of May and orders will be shipped after June 5th. For every shirt you buy (¥2100 or ~$26 USD), ¥1000 will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Shirts are available in white or black (though I think black may be sold out now). The site has already sold well over 8,000 t-shirts, so if you have the cash to spare (and want a sweet T-Shirt), order yours now and spread the word!
There is also a guide for the ordering form, coutresy of pyroyale:
SYH T-Shirts
Ordering Form Guide

* SYH now has a YouTube page for all of your messages and more:
SYH on YouTube

* More photos have been added to the SYH photo page. Check to see if yours is up now! More pictures will be added at a later date and you can still send in photos to
SYH Photo Report

* Finally, GACKT recently went to Hong Kong and Macau to discuss SYH activities. Here’s a couple of pictures from the meeting, including more of GACKT’s new hair cut and a message to the people of Macau.
GACKT in Macau Pt.1
GACKT in Macau Pt.2



  1. Ooh very sexy stance in ths second picture of him.

    Oh I am so buying one of those t-shirts XD

  2. Thank you for posting this Jo! 😀

    • And thank you to pyroyale for the order form guide 🙂

    • Welcome ❤

  3. i bought the 7,778th t-shirt on Friday ❤ the postage is a little expensive, but it is worth paying that much if the money is going to help Japan 😛

    • LOL you remembered the number?! Oh wait… turns out I wrote mine down too XDDDD I was 5860th haha!
      Yes, agreed ^_^~!

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