Posted by: Jo | May 20, 2011

GACKT – YFC Europe 2011 Dates

Here are the current YFC Europe Dates, taken from the community site:

7.20 (Wed) LA BATACLAN – France, Paris
7.21 (Thurs) LA BATACLAN – France, Paris
7.23 (Sat) E-Werk – Germany, Cologne
7.26 (Tues) Melkweg – Netherlands, Amsterdam
7.27 (Wed) Forum – UK, London
7.29 (Fri) Bikini – France, Toulouse
7.30 (Sat) RAZZMATAZZ 1 – Spain, Barcelona
8.1 (Mon) Backstage Werk – Germany, Munich
8.3 (Wed) Huxleys – Germany, Berlin
8.4 (Thurs) Syma B – Hungary, Budapest
8.6 (Sat) Stodola – Poland, Warsaw
8.7 (Mon) Haus Auensee – Germany, Leipzig
8.9 (Tues) Arenan – Sweden, Stockholm
8.11 (Thurs) Arena Moscow Club – Russia, Moscow

Congrats Europe, looks like G is hitting quite a number of stops this year~!
Tickets go on sale on May 27th at 15:00 CET.

Edit: Twisted Talent has updated their site with links to the respective ticketing vendors here.



  1. I’m screaming right now. Fuck yes, he’s going back to Barcelona!!! I should be passing through there right at that time. Now I just have to convince my mother. Again.

  2. this is sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!! i really want to go!!!! G did keep his promises 😛 (we always knew he would) i can’t wait to see him in London again!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I was so excited last night it took me ages to get to sleep lol. Does that make me weird? XD

    I’m really happy for other Dears that he’s going to other places this year too 🙂

  4. I should send my Mum to take care of things and sleep that night through. I’ll need it and I can be sure it’ll be safe, no stalkers in shorts. XD

  5. Has anyone managed to get tickets yet? The Barcelona listing won’t show up when I search for it and I’m mildly concerned (read: freaking out).

  6. i have my tickets for London!!!!!! *squeeks a lot, whilst circling the house :P*
    this is going to be great!!! i hope everyone else can get there tickets soon too ❤

    • Me too! *squeals with happiness while dancing round the room* London and G, here I come! XD

  7. I am so much more excited this time. I mean I was psyched last year but this year I’m suicidal lol.

  8. I’ve got my tickets for Barcelona too!! I wish I could go to the London show to see G with everyone from here. It’d be nice to know someone other than my brother haha!!

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