Posted by: Jo | May 23, 2011

GACKT – Episode.0 2011.07.13

GACKT’s new single of the year is titled Episode.0 and will come in a regular and limited edition (with the limited being a CD+DVD – the usual deal). It is a cover single of two Gakupoid songs that were previously picked by GACKT in a Nico Nico Douga fan video contest in 2009. GACKT said he would cover those songs if the staff were committed to making it a reality, and 2 years later G kept his promise :3. This will also be GACKT’s 39th single.

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

Regular Edition (CD)

1. Episode.0
2. Paranoid Doll
3. Episode.0 (Instrumental)
4. Paranoid Doll (Instrumental)

For those going “Whaaaa…?” or don’t know what a Gakupoid is XD;;;…
*puts on smartie glasses*
Gakupoid is a Vocaloid program, which is a singing synthesizer. You input lyrics and a melody into the program and a song comes out sung by a pre-recorded and digitized voice, usually provided by a famous singer. Each Vocaloid model comes with it’s own little character/avatar (for more info check the wiki article). GACKT provided the vocals for a version back in 2008 and they named his model Kamui Gakupo (lol). He is a purple-haired samurai.. that likes eggplants.

Anyway, it looks like the video will be a remake of the one made for Episode.0 and GACKT will be dressed up as Gakupo (so.. he’s essentially cosplaying himself..? XD)
Click on the yellow button next to Episode.0 in the link below to hear the preview.
Episode.0 Info

If the video and music clips aren’t working or take too long to load, here’s good ol’ YouTube:

Episode.0 Preview

These are the two videos GACKT picked:

Episode.0 by mathru

Paranoid Doll by natsu

And finally, here is a comment from GACKT about his latest single (I wanna feel his pokey hair…)

You can pre-order the single from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Gackt as Gackupo?



    • LOL Yeah, I love the purple hair too ;D

  2. ….this sounds/looks like the good old G is back!! i love his more rock songs!!! and i agree samurai purple hair GACKT is….. i can’t explain 😛

  3. I hope nobody’s understood me wrong, it’s not like I totally despised the song, it sounds great in his _real_ voice. But you can totally tell that he hasn’t written it. *lol* Which counts for his style of course! The songs for Kamen Rider for example were good, too, but just not as gripping as his completely personal work. And I have to admit that when I first saw the image of him I went “… photoshop? Cosplay?” unintentionally. ^^” It’s not easy, is it? XD;;

    • I know you feel hun, that’s my personal take on it too. It’s really amusing how he’s cosplaying as himself though ahahahaha~!

  4. Mmm purple hair lol. I like him with more hair. Ooh like paranoid doll, which will be awesome to hear in his real voice ^_^

    I get what ashura_oh means though. Sounds good, but not a total Gackt-feel to it. Does that make sense?

    • Yup, makes perfect sense :D~!
      And I’m excited for Paranoid Doll too, it has more of a ZAN-like feel to it, so I can’t wait to hear G’s take on the song x3~~

      • Yes, it does 😀

  5. First of all i hate vocaloid >..>

    • o.o… But what do you think of this single and his preview?
      I’m not a fan for vocaloids either but I’m excited nonetheless :3

  6. […] I will add the covers for Episode.O on this post later in the week, so remember to check back […]

  7. I will be waiting for this!
    Gaku covering Gakupo’s songs<3
    oh i watched Episode.0's full PV. it was–
    Gaku looks hot with purple wig♥

  8. I usually use Itunes but this time I want to buy the cd – will the DVD version have the PV? Thank you.


    • Sorry for this late reply! m(_ _)m
      The Limited Version contains the PV, the one with the drawing of Gakupo on the cover. Hope that helped!

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