Posted by: Jo | May 27, 2011

Discussions: Europe Tour

Discussions are back after a few weeks’ hiatus~! Hopefully I can keep this pace up ^^;

GACKT is coming back to Europe this summer! Thoughts?

I’m running things a little differently this week – it’s basically a free-for-all discussion. Whether you’re going to one or more of the stops on GACKT’s list, want to know if anyone else is going, or if you just want to support and send your kiai to the other DEARS, etc.etc. – chat about it here!

The only thing I ask is that we play nice. I know that emotions are kind of high and tense this time around, so just keep it clean alright? No excessive bragging or complaining – I don’t want to have to put on my srs hat lol.

Back on topic, sadly I can’t make it to any Europe shows (damn you school and moniez…). But I wish all of you who are going to have a wonderful time with GACKT and Job. Make friends with other DEARS, be nice to each other, and show the boys how much we love them! You better scream out loud for me and the other DEARS okay >O?!!??!?


  1. I’m sorry you can’t go, Jo 😦 I’ll give an extra big cheer for G and the boys for you πŸ™‚

    I think I joined this blog just after the live last year so it’s nice to be able to discuss it before going this time lol. Who else is going to the London live?

  2. Only little more than 2 months left to fortify the city, get everyone’s armour repaired, invest in weaponry stock and read “Military Siege for Dummies” – I iz buzy.

  3. Hi Dears! So sorry you can’t go Jo but yeap we will definitely take your love with us. My daughter, son and I are going to the London concert. I feel soooo blessed to be able to see him again and send my love and best wishes (and a little bit of unavoidable jealousy lol) to those who are managing more than one concert
    and hugs to all those who can’t go. No matter what tho we must support GACKT in all his choices. He is an amazing person and I know he always tries his best for his fans xxxxx

    • Haha thank you! Hope you guys have oodles of fun ❀

  4. i am going to the London live with my sister and friend ❀ it will be amazing!!!
    i will cheer for you too, and everyone else who can't make it!! we will definitely show G and Job all of our kiai, just 60 days!!! ❀

  5. i’m going to london show all the way from abroad and i’m very excited.
    it would be nice to meet a fellow fan there.

  6. Aw it’s nice you guys are going with friends and family πŸ™‚ I’m going on my own πŸ˜› Again lol ^_^ I can’t wait though, it’s gonna be amazing XD

  7. Im sad, i just dont understand why he never comes to the US.
    But still hope all the Europe dears show him some love!

    • It takes a lot to come over here. I know that G wants to come to America when he can and can do it right – we just gotta be a little more patient :3

  8. I’m going to the Barcelona live with my brother. I’m super excited to see G again, and I’m kinda jealous of everyone going to the London live because you’ll all be speaking English and gushing with the people in front of you in line LOL My Spanish is good but not that good. I’ve heard rumors of G wanting to do a US tour next year, but we’ll see. He’s so damn busy. XD

    • I’ll say, hopefully he doesn’t overwork himself like last time >.<;;
      Hope you find some others to talk to in line haha xD~! ❀

  9. I’ll go to the concert too! I was so happy when I hear about it.
    But I’ve also hear something about him going to the US too. Something about him never breaking his promises.

    To tell you the truth I was very suprised that’s he’s doing another tour, cus he did one last year. Must mean that japanese music is really loved! Maybe this will pave the road for some other musicians too!

  10. I think…I’m going to try to send my uncle to this concert. Unfortunatelly I won’t be able to come back to Europe this year, and maybe if he goes I’ll find out something about it indirectly? Though I’m not sure how well he’ll connect, being a die-hard heavy metal fan. XD He does have a thing for Japan, and the samurai especially however…maybe I’ll mention the festival.

    I’m so excited for everyone who’s going! Share share share!

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