Posted by: Jo | June 10, 2011

Discussions: New YFC

After the big news drop yesterday, I have a feeling it’s the only thing you guys will want to talk about lol~

What do you think about the new changes made to YFC?

I actually made a very long post on the new YFC and on some fandom opinions in my journal, so if you want to read more details you can click on the link here.
(Warning: It’s long!)

Overall, I find the changes surprising and exciting. This is something new for everyone, including GACKT, and I’m willing to follow him into his crazy world lol. I really hope everyone who gets to see them this year has a great time and rock out real hard!
I think what surprises me the most about everything though, is how attatched I’ve gotten to the new members. They’re each quirky in their own ways, and you know they have to be awesome to go through with GACKT’s crazy ideas haha. And after hearing how well Jon sings, I’m quite looking forward to seeing how GACKT’s idea of “dueling voices” works out~

I know that there are a lot of strong opinions surrounding the new members and more, so please try to keep it clean and civilized m’kay?

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. the changes seem very sudden, although not completely unexpected (GACKT has mentioned new members in his twitter entries), however i am kind of confussed, i don’t really know what to make of the new members/ way they spoke, and i will miss Chirolyn and Jun-ji, they seemed to be right for the group 😦

    i think it is a big change and as it is only for YFC i think it is something i am willing to accept, it definitely adds more anticipation and excitement to the upcoming YFC Europe tour!

    • It’s all part of an act hun – YFC’s image is supposed to be tough and badass, so they’re just acting the part xp;
      I’ll miss them too, but they probably have other bands to perform with at the moment. And who knows, they might perform again in Job when G continues his solo work in 2012/13 =]

      I’m excited too, can’t wait for new songs! ❤

  2. To be honest, Gackt since 2005 changed a lot. Only few concerts in 2006 and those 2 singles in 2007 were “something”. Like with time he is losing inspiration. Two RRII songs (Jesus, and Suddenly, weren’t totaly his idea). Thinking about Crescent(for example), his music lost the depth, the melody, drastically.

    Either his voice color (the emotion), every year was changing. Probably he isn’t a natural singer, smoking habit, or he done something to his voice (operation correctly). Thinking about his voice in Malice Mizer days, from 2000 sounded different. Remember when he said in 2004 that 2007 will be the point when will decide to continue or not (if will be sadisfied with his health and condition)? Well most probably was actually thinking about that. With his nose operation around late December or somewhere in January, I think, his voice went different very much. And of then is losing it, would say.

    “Yellow Fried Chickenz” is just too much, overdoing, overacting. Especially this conference. While concerts compared for example to Drug Party is quiet “un-artistic/musical”. But why he can’t do just a normal overseas concert? (YFC is obviously sponsored by you know who) He doesn’t need visual, drama etc. just him, members, microfone, nice songs, and some fun. If wants to say something on others language can even read from the paper, like it would be the end of the world..

    Either the tickets are quiet expensive, is like this usual in that venues?

    • Hm, the new singer is called Jon (or Jonathan) Underdown. He is the singer of Japanese based rock band “Fade”. His is born English, but speaks Japanese. Their music isn’t bad at all, and his voice is actually quiet good either.

      Here’s the bands sites to hear the music, see videos, photos …



    • Agree with shout 100%. Musically YFC was very subpar as was his last visualive as well. I don’t understand why he can’t do a drug party type live show or a club tour like he did before Kagen no tsuki. Why does he need to have this completely different band and songs.. eehhhh. Anyway, got my ticket, not sure if I’ll be taking the plane to see this. Thumbs up for Shinya, though. That guy is good, never was a big fan of junji.. thought Ryu was absolutely awesome back when he was in the band.

      I understand he’s not the 2004 Gackt anymore, but what’s wrong with doing just a regular show of a decent length. A short show with Gackt yelling in between and doing subpar renditions of old songs while trying his best to put in some fanservice in there isn’t that great. It will be interesting to see what the second vocalist does.. is it to have more english singing in there to “please” the overseas fans?

    • G had a nose job??

      • He actually had two nose jobs, one after leaving Malice Mizer in late 1998 or early 1999, and another one in really late December of 2006, or early 2007 (in Furin Kazan taiga drama was first noted). But if you look at his photos from high school, he is quiet the same guy.

      • Amazing, you are quite observant 😉

  3. I think I’ll have to reserve official judgement until I see them preform together. As much as I miss Chirolyn and Jun-ji, these new members do look like a great bunch. I think the thing I will have the hardest time getting used to is having a second vocalist, I’ll be interested to see how he fits in.
    I’m just glad that both You and Chacha are still there! I couldn’t imagine seeing Gackt without them!

  4. I jus hope that chirolyn and junji are still rocking, I know that Jun-ji is because of his twitter. I also hope that at the show GACKT doesn’t attempt to swear in English beuase I feel that it is a turn off. Lu in in a neiborhood hat everyone swears and does it a lot.

    The ides of duel vocals and 3 gutairs does make me look forward t

  5. Just like trisha_e, I’ll wait and see how things turn out before I make official judgement on this.
    I’ll miss both Chirolyn and Jun-ji, but I’m really glad we still have You and Chacha ❤
    I am worried about how the second vocalist will fit in though, but, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  6. I get the tough guy act and the image they are trying to present, though honestly I found I had to keep reminding myself that Gackt isn’t really just like that xD. Maybe his aura was too believable~

    My only concern is if there is going to be someone else singing, I just hope he can preform live as well as Gackt does. Most singers don’t keep the quality of the recordings on stage….

  7. I was taken aback when finding out about the new members but, we all know that G’s line-up changes every few years (perhaps to keep things fresh for both G and the former members), so no need to fret, I reminded myself.

    I, too, couldn’t help but notice that “tough-guy” image he is trying to present. I bet it’s going to be one ultra wild, masculine tour–hope he won’t exhaust himself too much or lose his voice.

    Shout–As to the comment about his voice changing over the years, well, that can’t be helped, of course; however, I’m positive that the frequent abuse of his voice (lengthy shouting during concerts, etc.) has had an affect on his voice- I wish he’d take greater care of his voice so as to not wear it out or cause permanent damage. Also, we should always expect G to be over-dramatic in whatever he does, like in that video. It’s just for fun.

    • Oh yeah I hope he doesn’t over exert himself again, but knowing him..well yeah.

  8. Gackt never ceases to suprise me, and him changing and doing new things like this is what I like most about him. Just like the idea about the past YFC tours, I am looking forward to this as well. 😀 and telling from the “conference” I’m sure it’s going to be bad ass and surprising. :3

  9. FREE JON!! /troll mode

  10. ~~~
    I was just wondering actually, if it’s said anywhere (or otherwise) that YFC is still connected to Camui Gakuen, story-wise? Or is he separating YFC completely from his solo works and ideas?

    • Nope – YFC is a completely different thing from his solo work, including Camui Gakuen. There’s not much story to Gakuen besides it being school-themed and I don’t think YFC has a story to it either haha. And I think he’s mentioned this on Twitter this month ^^

      • ah. Thanks for the reply.
        I thought (*is horrible at following things*) YFC originally was GACKT-CG style seito kaichou’s band? o no;;;

        Either way, I always look forward to what he will do next ❤

  11. Been busy past few weeks so not had the chance to comment on this. All I will say is that I feel lucky G is coming back to Europe. I never thought I’d get to see him once in my lifetime, never mind twice. So I’m not gonna let a few changes put me off. Yes, the idea if another singer was surprising, but I will reserve judgement until after the show. It’s Gackt and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing XD

    I know it’s gonna be an awesome show, and I wouldnt expect anything less from the man we all admire and adore. I’m really excited to see what YFC brings. I hope many of his Dears feel the same.

    Your post was a joy to read, Jo ^_^ Totally agree with you 🙂

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