Posted by: Jo | June 10, 2011

GACKT – DEARS in Toronto

The annual fanclub trip, or Yasoukai, will be in Toronto this year. Here’s the CM featuring clips from last year~



  1. ummm…. can non-dears attend this event??? i heard they could as long as they were with someone else who has proof of being a dear themselves??? this sort of event would be the best to attend, you could really see the true GACKT, not an act on stage. i want to know what the ‘real’ GACKT is like to see live/ having fun snowboarding ^_^

  2. So when’s this event supposed to happen :D? the date at the end says 5/15/2011? Didnt that already pass 0__o!? Or is that for something else xD? I’m confused 😦

  3. <.< I still can't see the video…My computer's being silly, and I can't watch embedded videos. I'll have to fix that ^_^ Did it say where and when exactly this should be going on? I

    In any case Gackt, when in Toronto, if you need a tour guide, a place to stay, or just someone to talk to, I'm around! XD

    (Ne, Jo-san! Notice how I made an account so I can log in to your website!)

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