Posted by: Jo | June 10, 2011

GACKT – YFC Press Con 2011.06.09

Yesterday was the press conference for YFC and let me tell you: my sides are still burning from watching this, I was laughing sooooo hard XDDD;;
Just in case you didn’t know, yes – the entire press con was scripted.
And at the end it looks like plans are being made to tour the rest of Asia in December and North and South America in Janurary and February of next year (yaaaaay~!)

There is also now a new page for YFC, which includes the current Europe dates and new dates for Japan. And since YFC is a separate project/band on it’s own, it’s no surprise that we have new faces in the band!
YFC Page

Here’s what you need to know about the new members (from left to right):
U:zo (Bass) – Has played for RIZE, MIYAVI, and fade.
Official Twitter
Jon (Vocal) – Vocalist for the band fade. He is also the translator and narrator for the YFC Europe Documentary.
fade OHP
Official Twitter
Official Blog
Shinya (Drums) – Of LUNA SEA fame.
Official Blog
Takumi (Guitar) – Has played for SUGIZO, MIYAVI, T.M.Revolution and AKB48.
Official Twitter
Official Blog

Finally, here are some more pictures from the press con:
CD Journal

A portion of the revenue the band receives from each of the lives will be donated to SYH.



  1. That video and the (hopefully) NA tour dates just made my day (and year~! )

    I mean.
    CHICKENz <3333~~~

  2. […] More pictures have been added to the YFC Press Con […]

  3. well….i love u…thnk u lolzzz

  4. The link for Takumi’s Twitter needs to be changed to!/TAKUMI_YFCz

    • Thank you! I’ll be sure to change it ❤

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