Posted by: Jo | June 14, 2011

GACKT – Episode.0 PV

The PV for Episode.0 is out! It’s a GACKT-ified version of the video that won in the Nico Nico contest back in 2009. What do you guys think?
Also, the covers have been released on the OHP:
Episode.0 Cover

And here’s the original, just for comparison :3



  1. Thanks, cool song. Great vocals.. although a bit too autotuned in parts for my liking. But sounds more like the old Gackt with the very high and very low parts.

  2. this pv is very beautiful and the song powerful and moving, just like earlier GACKT songs it was definitely worth the wait (it is almost a year since EVER ^_^) i can’t wait to hear more from G as the year progresses…. surely some YFC songs will be released soon???

    i think i might be buying this 😛

  3. I can only imagine the excitement the writer of the song and the artist that put together the original video must feel~!
    Congrats to them, and to GACKT for doing an awesome job as always ^^~~

  4. Urgh, I love the song, but the PV is terrible! It looks like one of those Japanese love sim games where they cut out the characters and paste them onto (mostly) stationary backgrounds. The least they could’ve done was cut and edit some of the preview scenes in. I feel like they didn’t even try. It’s totally not up to G’s usual standards. I’m so disappointed. ><

  5. I actually really like the video. Well that’s an understatement, I love it. ^^;
    It is different from his usual style, but hey, haven’t we come to expect Gackt to shake things up with changes? lol
    I will agree that it does have a love sim/otome game feel to it. But a lot of those games have terrible graphics with even worse animation to go with it, and I don’t think this would really fall into that category because it’s pretty well made imo.
    The simplicity it has fits beautifully with the song and because it is so simple, that’s what makes it great and that’s what makes it work so well with the song.
    Think of it this way, if he’d been dressed as Gakupo and was dancing around like he was in the EVER pv, don’t you think it would have taken away from the song? (And looked kind of awkward lol)
    On a side note: I didn’t even like the song very much, but having heard the full Gackt version of it and together with this almighty pv, I have to say, I’m loving it right now. XD

  6. Wow. The two versions of the song are like night and day–reminds me of the two versions of Meguriai. Enjoyed G’s version, of course, with the strong sound of the instruments and inclusion of other various sounds (sorry, I don’t know how to explain music). This song shows off some of G’s vocal abilities, though I especially like the strong vocals at the beginning. I’m not totally enamoured with the song yet, but it could take a hold of me the more I listen to it.

  7. I agree with Yuki that this video is very different from the ones that he normally does. I felt a kinda…. masochistic vibe from him in this video, smiling (i think) as he got stabbed and when he was “dying”. I’m not a real fan of vocaloid, but I liked this song sung by his regular voice.

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