Posted by: Jo | June 23, 2011

GACKT – Tempest CM

Personally, I find myself smiling and laughing yet at the same time running around and freaking out XDDD DDDX
But just from the preview alone (and my conflicted feelings), I can tell that GACKT did a tremendous job as Jo Teigai.



  1. zomg~ I don’t know what to think… So I won’t xD huuuurr~~
    I am a little disappointed in what we see of the filming quality so far, though. There was allot of camera shaking.
    I’m still totally going to watch it though @ 3@

  2. GACKT looks… different… 😛 this could be really good, his acting has definately improved since moon child because of more practice so i hope he is good enough at acting for me to overlook the lack of hair… ^_^

  3. Ok, there soooo wasn’t enough Gackt in there. But it looks really interesting. Not sure about the tongue though… lol XD

  4. I think the burning question is…
    Is that his real tongue???? 😛

  5. Oh GACKUTO–wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!

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