Posted by: Jo | June 23, 2011

YFC – 2011 Tour Comment

Originally from GANSHIN’s Twitter:

If anyone’s having trouble hearing what GACKT said, here’s a transcript xD;
“Hey what’s up? I’m GACKT, with YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz. The new YFC is ready to go fucking crazy in Europe very soon… Hope you guys are ready for us. And get your minds and bodies ready to rock with YFC when we come to your city. We are totally thrilled to have the chance to scream and go fucking crazy with you again. And ladies… make sure to stay delicious for us~”



  1. That ‘dat’ face made me smile xD
    and the last part…
    made me DIE. omg… <3_____<3
    I think he should adopt an English accent .. I 'm not sure why but I think it would fit.

  2. …GACKT speeking english is the best!!!! i cannot wait untill YFC in London!!!! ❤

  3. Did anyone else have breathing problems when he said ‘delicious’? He certainly knows how to play it for us girlies lol ^_^

    Omg I can’t wait for London! XD I’m really curious as to what songs they are going to be playing.

    • Hahahahahha yes, I was looking through my fingers while holding my hands over my face when he said that XDD Ahahahahah <3<3

  4. On another note, his hair actually looks pretty awesome there. I’m warming to it 🙂

  5. He sure has no problems with accent when he says the word f-king. Ha ha.

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