Posted by: Jo | June 24, 2011


The folks at AM2’s FaceBook have kindly uploaded a 50 sec. teaser of some of the fight scenes in BUNRAKU, featuring none other than GACKT!
I’m refraining from watching this, but judging by everyone’s reaction, it’s really good~



  1. He is so amazing! I can’t wait more for this movie!!!!!

  2. I like his movie english than his gagsta english 😛

    • See, my theory is that Gackt can speak English perfectly well. It’s when he tries to be overly cool when it starts sounding wierd. XD

      • I agree with you, even during YFC in Europe he used a good American English

  3. waaah~ I wanna see this film so badly!!! >___<*

  4. i agree with the comments above!!! amazing fight scenes this is going to be great!!!! (when it is finally released…) 😛

  5. I tried to refrain from watching this lol but wow! It looks awesome. Action films are my fave anyway but cos G is in it, it’s gonna be epic. Can’t wait XD

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