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I can understand “I’m weak, so I’m doing my best”,
but “I’m weak, so talk sweet to me” is a trick of a crook

In both men and women, there are those who say “Please be sweet to me” while emphasizing their weakness. [That makes me want to say] “Are you guys crooks or what?!” These people are actually strong enough, and calculating, to be able to say something like that. Words like that don’t come from really weak people. It’s a dirty trick. There are people who often play these games, right? They are actually strong, only playing their weakness card. But it’s actually pretty easy to see through a facade like that.
The radar for identifying this type of girls is actually a standard feature equipped to men’s instincts. Instinctively, guys can identify girls whom they should defend and girls who are probably fine on their own. Most guys actually make many of their choices instinctively, and especially when it comes to women, guys can feel [what the truth is] instinctively.
There are many girls who, after pulling off their crook-like tricks of acting weak, think that they made the guys theirs or that the guys like them. But that’s a big mistake, because the guys are only pretending like they’ve been fooled for the time being, fully aware of [the games the girls are playing]. We are calmly observing it as if it were a game, wondering how long the girls are gonna keep their acts up. Because it’s amusing. But there are many girls who, without realizing this, believe that they’ve got the guys wrapped around their fingers. Observing girls [in situations like this] is really amusing and interesting, and I wonder when they’ll actually realize [the truth]. I think to myself “Maybe I’ll expose her a bit”, and I leave some clues, then she’d have a look on her face that says “…What?!”. LOL*
As opposed to this, girls who can say “I’m weak, so I’m doing my best” are better. These girls are actually not weak, either. They’re not weak, but their attitude still tickles the guys’ hearts. If the choice is between two girls having strength, I’d choose the girl of the latter type. She’d make me want to defend her.
The word ‘mamoru’ can be written with either 護, which means to protect, or 守, which means to defend. Their meanings are completely different. The ‘mamoru’ as in protection is the act meant to be carried out for the elderly and the disabled. So, this ‘protection’ is used for people who are weak in the true sense of the word. The desire to defend a girl is expressed by 守, which means to defend. But there are many girls for whom I wouldn’t want to use either one of these meanings. I want girls to aim at making guys want to defend them. That’s my wish as a guy.

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;
Also, I know that this text can be confusing, but my interpretation of it is that GACKT doesn’t like people who are fake and finds it somewhat humorous how men and women play these games.

And this might just be me, but the way GACKT describes the words protect and defend…
To “protect” someone sounds as if it is more out of an obligation. These people cannot fight or stand up for themselves and out of a sense of duty or whatever, there is the need to “protect” them. But to “defend” someone is of your own free will. This person doesn’t have to be necessarily weak, but because they are precious to you, you want to do whatever you can for them. By supporting them and seeing them do their best everyday, it makes you want to do even better for them. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely over-protective around them, but you’d be willing to stand up for what they believe in or what’s important to them because they mean so much to you.
This is the main thing I get out of this chapter. For G, he doesn’t want someone whom he feels obligated to protect – rather, he wants someone who will make him want to protect them.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. I fully agree. To see people play these games also bothers me and I like the way he expresses the protect/defend situation, he sure knows how to speak (write) … o.o
    Really liked this entry, thanks for posting and excused_early for translating 🙂

  2. i agree, the straight way in which GACKT puts this entry is completely necessary 😛 to play these sorts of games it unnecessary.

    this was yet another great entry ❤

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