Posted by: Jo | July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday GACKT!

“I cannot express [my feelings for you] with just the words ‘I love you’.
Thanks a lot, really♡
The fourth of July, 2011″

Happy 38th Birthday to the most wonderful man that we all know and love.
You are always an inspiration and light to your Dears all over the world.
Just like you said, there can never be enough words to describe how much you mean to us and how thankful we are for everything that you do.
We love you GACKT!

The OHP had a countdown for his birthday and the surprise at the end was a downloadable wallpaper, with the message above (thanks to excused_early for translating).
To get the wallpaper, go to the link below, Open the Secret Door, and type in “HEART
GACKT’s Birthday Countdown
Birthday Countdown Recap

Also, check out how the Twitter trend attempt went and a few pictures of the birthday boy at his party!
Twitter Trend Attempt
Kawasaki Mayo’s Blog



  1. GACKT is truly amazing, he deserves to have had the best birthday!
    thank you for the password to the wallpaper, i got it just before the site closed 😛 it is really lovely, G’s YFC hair is really growing on me ❤

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