Posted by: Jo | July 8, 2011

ARC ENTERTAINMENT Releases BUNRAKU Date + Otakon Premiere!

BIG news for BUNRAKU!
ARC ENTERTAINMENT announced via Twitter and FaceBook the release dates for BUNRAKU! The movie will be available on Video-on-Demand services on September 1st and will hit theaters on September 30th – mark your calendars!

More exciting news is that Otakon will be premiering the movie before it hits theaters! For those on the East Coast of the U.S., don’t miss out on this opportunity!
The con runs from July 29th – 31st at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.
BUNRAKU at Otakon
More BUNRAKU at Otakon

P.S. For anyone interested, I’ve made a review of the film over on my journal. I’ve also added it to the BUNRAKU Review page =]



  1. this is great news!!!!!!!! but….where will Bunraku be in theatres???

    • Umm no announcement for where yet… I’ll let you know when I found out :3

  2. I’m starting to worry that Bunraku may not be shown near me since I don’t live near the big cities of Los Angeles nor S.F. If it’s found that many of us (fans all over the world) will not be able to watch the film, perhaps we could flood ARC Entertainment with requests to show it in more theatres. Well, just a thought, anyway, not that it would make a difference, especially since they are going to release it on VOD before the actual release of the movie, which may mean that theatre attendence may drop because of it–hope not, of course.

    • You know, I found that aspect of their marketing strategy weird. It makes more sense to release a film before putting it on DVD, not the other way around. I suppose as an independent film, it culd still be generally unknown to be on DVD by the time the movie comes out in theaters but still….
      Ah well, one way or another I’m watching it again lol.
      I hope you’ll be able to watch it somehow! ❤

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