Posted by: Jo | July 8, 2011

YFC Blog 2011.07.05 – 2011.07.09

Waaaa, this is kind of overwhelming @.@;;…
Chacha poses with one of the staff’s guitar technicians during recording~
Chachamaru 2011.07.05

U:ZO makes a mess for everyone xD;
Staff 2011.07.05

TAKUMI sneaks a quick pick of YOU while recording!
Takumi 2011.07.06

Jon’s excited over recording, and writes his whole blog in English (yaaay!)
Jon 2011.07.07

Shinya poses with TAKUMI and Jon for a quick post!
Shinya 2011.07.07

GACKT says everyone is working hard and promises to talk about his birthday in his personal blog. Quick picture preview of the YFC PV included!
GACKT 2011.07.09
GACKT Summary (by excused_early at OGYD!)



  1. this little blog has been getting lots of posts ^_^ it is fun to see all of the band members getting excited about the immanent YFC Europe tour!!! this is going to be a summer we will remember for a while!!!

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