Posted by: Jo | July 11, 2011

GACKT – Coming Soon! 2011.07.11

*dead, drooling on the floor*



  1. *fangirl scream*

    God, he so does suit dark hair. For me, he’s the only man that can look sexy with long hair XD

  2. WOah love Gackt with dark hair too!!! However i wish they didnt play the background chorus so loud i cant hear his live voice!

  3. it has been too long since GACKT performed live!!!!!!!! this was amazing!!!!! (i agree the chorus vocals should have not been so loud)
    GACKT + long dark hair = many screaming fangirls!!!!! ❤

  4. Loving the video!! And that icy, piercing stare at the end of the song was so cool.

    From the limited Japanese that I know, G mentions that he no longer thinks that the music he sings has to be exclusively his own written music. That he can arrange songs by other people as though they were his own songs. And, gosh, he does it so well!

    He mentions that the songs of YFC have English and Japanese lyrics combined. He thought it’d be interesting that way.

    With a wilder YFC tour this time, I fear that he will crash with exhaustion at each concert. But, well, perhaps having a second vocalist will make that an unlikely occurrance.

    • Mhmm, I think it’s a sign of him growing up and allowing himself to expand more ❤

      Oh, another interesting fact: Gackt is only writing lyrics for the YFC songs along with Jon. The music arrangements are done by the other members, though I'm sure he has a say here and there xP
      I'm hoping he doesn't tire himself out too much either *crosses fingers*

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