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37. Psychological wounds are illusions/only in your head.

Different from external injuries, psychological wounds are like lines drawn on a whiteboard. You’re simply looking at the lines drawn on the board and recognizing them as wounds. But the lines are just drawn on the surface of the board, and if you want to erase them, you can do so by rubbing them off with a little bit of force. If your will is decently strong, erasing them is an easy task.
In fact, they’re just lines drawn on the whiteboard, and the board actually has no scratches on it. But there are indeed a whole lot of people who don’t realize this. Many people feel depressed, telling themselves that they have been hurt before. I guess this is a defense mechanism people use before getting truly hurt, a type of defender instinct.
And there are also a decent number of people who feel a sense of comfort in having the wounds. It’s like “Been there, done that. I’ve got my sheet stamped already.” They’re mistaking it for a stamp rally or something. There are a surprisingly large number of people who protect themselves by using their own wounds.
[People tend to say] “I’m wounded” or “I’ve been there”, but wounds like that that don’t even scratch the surface won’t be of any use in the future. You might go “Huh?” when you find yourself unable to handle situations you’re in at critical moments.
People who have been hurt in the past, but have recovered from them by erasing them properly, have the countermeasures to deal with similar situations in the future. But people who have fostered and held on to their wounds, which are actually erasable, will feel hurt all over again when someone else draws another line on their whiteboard. They’ll repeat the same thing and can’t move forward to the next step at all. This also keeps them from growing stronger.
These illusions are something you can control right now. Why not wipe off the whiteboard of your heart that you think has been damaged?

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. As someone who’s been hurt in the past, I must say, I’m very disappointed to hear him say this. I’m aware that his life (growing up, especially) was also filled with a fair amount of confusion, pain and disappointment, and he’s clearly overcome it, but it’s unfair of him to say that someone holding onto a wound is imagining it. Such wounds aren’t easy to erase; not for everyone, at least. I’m working towards achieving my dream, and I’m strong-willed (otherwise, I would have crumbled already), so to assume that he would perceive me as weak, because I can’t fully let go of unpleasant and painful memories … that’s cold. It’s an attitude that I personally dislike. We learn from our experiences, especially when we’re faced with hardships, but everyone is different, and judging someone based on that makes him seem insensitive, which I know he isn’t.

    • In my opinion, his criticisms seems to be more focused on those people who just can’t seem to find the strength to even try. I’m sure he’d be cheering on someone who is doing their best to move past those old wounds rather than scold them for not getting over them completely (though I’m sure he’d give them some stern advice anyway to speed the process lol).
      Also, remember that G tends to state his opinions in a generic or idealistic way, so there could probably be some exceptions here and there. He’s never been the best at clearly stating what he thinks anyway xP;

  2. I also have many difficulties, the last took 3 years to be solved. I think only one thing: when you became strong you have two paths: the first is to face your pain, analyse it and win the battle against it, the second is to become indifferent, to give less value to every new difficulties…and for that one I think you lose a lot.

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