Posted by: Jo | July 12, 2011

GACKT Community Blog 2011.07.12

After the performance on Coming Soon! the group takes a pic!
Gakupo!GACKT is surely killing me every time I see him…
Staff Blog 2011.07.12

Thanks to pyroyale at OGYD! for the translation!
Blog Translation

Here are some more pics after the performance:
Kaede’s Blog
Kiri’s Blog



  1. Gackuo!Gackt makes me sigh everytime I see him…I’d forgotten how much I loved him with long, flowing hair… ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Gakupo!Gackt is absolutely luscious. X3 Can’t wait to see YFC in Barcelona. Wonder how that concert is going to be, what with the new members and all . . . expensive merch, though. XP

    • I think some of the profits will go to SYH, so maybe that’s why the prices went kind of up :P?
      Have fun btw!

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